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MassHealth Drug List A - Z

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This is a listing of all of the drugs covered by MassHealth. Please select a letter to see drugs listed by that letter, or enter the name of the drug you wish to search for.

MassHealth Drug List table
Drug - Brand Name (Generic Name) PA Status Class Drug Notes
Adrenalin (epinephrine injection)drugId:606 ADRENERGICS
epinephrine auto-injectiondrugId:6109 ADRENERGICS
EpipendrugId:607 (epinephrine 0.3 mg auto-injection-Epipen)drugId:607 ADRENERGICS #
Epipen JrdrugId:4680 (epinephrine 0.15 mg auto-injection-Epipen Jr)drugId:4680 ADRENERGICS #
Gemtesa (vibegron)drugId:7781 PA ADRENERGICS
Myrbetriq (mirabegron extended-release)drugId:2642 ADRENERGICS
Northera (droxidopa)drugId:4630 PA ADRENERGICS
phenylephrine ADRENERGICS
Symjepi (epinephrine injection)drugId:7105 ADRENERGICS
AntabusedrugId:549 (disulfiram)drugId:549 ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT #
Bunavail (buprenorphine / naloxone buccal film)drugId:4622 PA ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
buprenorphine / naloxone sublingual tabletdrugId:2057 PA ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
buprenorphine sublingual tabletdrugId:389 PA ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
naltrexone powderdrugId:2425 PA ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
naltrexone tabletdrugId:1425 PA < 6 years ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
Probuphine (buprenorphine implant)drugId:5591 PA ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
Sublocade (buprenorphine extended-release injection)drugId:6524 ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT PD
Suboxone (buprenorphine / naloxone film)drugId:2049 PA > 32 mg/day ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT BP PD
Suboxone (buprenorphine / naloxone film)drugId:2050 PA > 90 days (> 24 mg/day and ≤ 32 mg/day) ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT BP PD
Suboxone (buprenorphine / naloxone film ≤ 24 mg/day)drugId:2085 ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT BP PD
Vivitrol (naltrexone injection)drugId:1426 ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
Zubsolv (buprenorphine / naloxone tablet-Zubsolv)drugId:2854 PA ALCOHOL AND DRUG CESSATION AGENT
AldactonedrugId:1892 (spironolactone tablet)drugId:1892 ALDOSTERONE ANTAGONISTS #
Carospir (spironolactone suspension)drugId:6280 PA ALDOSTERONE ANTAGONISTS
InspradrugId:609 (eplerenone)drugId:609 ALDOSTERONE ANTAGONISTS #
Oralair (grass pollen allergen extract)drugId:4789 PA ALLERGENS
Palforzia (peanut allergen powder-dnfp)drugId:7373 PA ALLERGENS
Lucemyra (lofexidine)drugId:6906 PA ALPHA-2 ADRENERGIC AGONIST
AriceptdrugId:2422 (donepezil 10 mg tablet)drugId:2422 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY #
AriceptdrugId:7401 (donepezil 5 mg, 23 mg tablet)drugId:7401 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY #
donepezil orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:7402 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
Exelon (rivastigmine patch)drugId:1449 PA > 1 unit/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY BP
galantamine solutiondrugId:2251 PA ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
galantamine tabletdrugId:920 PA > 2 units/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
memantine solutiondrugId:7405 PA ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
Namenda (memantine titration pack)drugId:2253 PA < 6 years and PA > 49 units/28 days ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
NamendadrugId:1139 (memantine tablet)drugId:1139 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY #
Namenda XR (memantine extended-release)drugId:7447 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY BP
Namzaric (memantine / donepezil extended-release)drugId:7448 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
Razadyne ERdrugId:919 (galantamine extended-release capsule)drugId:919 PA > 1 unit/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY #
rivastigmine capsuledrugId:2249 PA > 2 units/day ALZHEIMER'S THERAPY
Exservan (riluzole film)drugId:7881 PA AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS AGENTS
RilutekdrugId:1435 (riluzole tablet)drugId:1435 AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS AGENTS #
Tiglutik (riluzole suspension)drugId:7010 PA AMYOTROPHIC LATERAL SCLEROSIS AGENTS
Anadrol-50 (oxymetholone) ANABOLIC STEROID
Androxy (fluoxymesterone) ANABOLIC STEROID
oxandrolonedrugId:1308 PA ANABOLIC STEROID
Xartemis XR (oxycodone / acetaminophen extended-release)drugId:2949 PA ANALGESICS, NARCOTIC
acetaminophendrugId:145 PA > 4 g/day ANALGESICS *
aspirindrugId:98 ANALGESICS *
aspirin with buffersdrugId:99 ANALGESICS *
butalbital / aspirin / caffeine tabletdrugId:6292 PA < 18 years and PA > 20 units/month ANALGESICS
butalbital 25 mg / acetaminophen 325 mg tabletdrugId:5583 PA ANALGESICS
butalbital 50 mg / acetaminophen 300 mg / caffeine 40 mg / codeine 30 mgdrugId:2982 PA ANALGESICS
butalbital 50 mg / acetaminophen 300 mg / caffeine 40 mgdrugId:2980 PA ANALGESICS
butalbital 50 mg / acetaminophen 300 mgdrugId:2981 PA ANALGESICS
butalbital 50 mg / acetaminophen 325 mg / caffeine 40 mg capsule, tabletdrugId:2118 PA < 18 years and PA > 20 units/month ANALGESICS
butalbital 50 mg / acetaminophen 325 mg / caffeine 40 mg solutiondrugId:6293 PA ANALGESICS
butalbital 50 mg / acetaminophen 325 mgdrugId:2621 PA ANALGESICS
Conzip (tramadol extended-release capsule)drugId:2362 PA ANALGESICS
D.H.E. 45 (dihydroergotamine injection)drugId:526 PA ANALGESICS
dimethyl sulfoxide liquiddrugId:7161 PA ANALGESICS
DuraclondrugId:2750 (clonidine injection)drugId:2750 ANALGESICS #
Elmiron (pentosan) ANALGESICS
ergotamine / caffeine suppositorydrugId:6060 PA ANALGESICS
ergotamine / caffeine tabletdrugId:618 PA ANALGESICS
ergotaminedrugId:6080 PA ANALGESICS
Fiorinal (butalbital / aspirin / caffeine capsule)drugId:2797 PA ANALGESICS
Migranal (dihydroergotamine nasal spray)drugId:527 PA ANALGESICS
phenazopyridine ANALGESICS
Prialt (ziconotide)drugId:1819 PA ANALGESICS
Qutenza (capsaicin high dose patch)drugId:1946 PA ANALGESICS ^
Rimso-50 (dimethyl sulfoxide solution)drugId:2694 ANALGESICS
Savella (milnacipran) ANALGESICS
tramadol 100 mgdrugId:7359 PA ANALGESICS
Ultracet (tramadol / acetaminophen)drugId:1737 PA ANALGESICS
UltramdrugId:1735 (tramadol 50 mg)drugId:1735 PA < 12 years and PA > 400 mg/day ANALGESICS #
Ultram ER (tramadol extended-release tablet)drugId:1736 PA ANALGESICS
Zynrelef (bupivacaine / meloxicam) ANESTHETIC LOCAL TOPICAL ^
Carbocaine (mepivacaine) ANESTHETICS ^
hydrocortisone / pramoxine foamdrugId:2310 ANESTHETICS
lidocaine / prilocainedrugId:1074 ANESTHETICS
lidocaine ointmentdrugId:5604 PA ANESTHETICS
lidocaine powderdrugId:6374 PA ANESTHETICS
lidocaine topical jelly, solutiondrugId:7957 ANESTHETICS
lidocaine viscous solutiondrugId:5605 ANESTHETICS
LidodermdrugId:1071 (lidocaine 5% patch)drugId:1071 PA > 3 patches/day ANESTHETICS #
Marcaine (bupivacaine) ANESTHETICS #
Naropin (ropivacaine) ANESTHETICS ^
Nesacaine (chloroprocaine) ANESTHETICS ^
Sensorcaine (bupivacaine) ANESTHETICS #
Synera (lidocaine / tetracaine)drugId:1075 PA > 4 patches / month ANESTHETICS
Xylocaine (lidocaine vial) ANESTHETICS #
Xylocaine-MPF (lidocaine vial, preservative free) ANESTHETICS #
Ztlido (lidocaine 1.8% patch)drugId:7015 PA ANESTHETICS
aluminum hydroxidedrugId:28 ANTACIDS *
Carafate (sucralfate suspension) ANTACIDS BP
Carafate (sucralfate tablet) ANTACIDS #
Cytotec (misoprostol) ANTACIDS #
buspironedrugId:399 PA < 6 years ANTI-ANXIETY AGENT
buspirone powderdrugId:7020 PA ANTI-ANXIETY AGENT
meprobamatedrugId:1146 PA ANTI-ANXIETY AGENT
Vivlodex (meloxicam capsule)drugId:5404 PA ANTIARTHRITICS
HiprexdrugId:938 (methenamine)drugId:938 ANTIBACTERIAL #
ringers solution, lactated ANTIBACTERIALS AND ANTISEPTICS
Abelcet (amphotericin B lipid complex) ANTIBIOTICS
Ambisome (amphotericin B liposome) ANTIBIOTICS
amikacindrugId:32 ANTIBIOTICS
amoxicillindrugId:57 ANTIBIOTICS
amphotericin B ANTIBIOTICS
ampicillindrugId:63 ANTIBIOTICS
Amzeeq (minocycline 4% foam)drugId:7344 PA ANTIBIOTICS
AncobondrugId:861 (flucytosine)drugId:861 ANTIBIOTICS #
Arikayce (amikacin liposome inhalation)drugId:7040 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Augmentin (amoxicillin / clavulanate 125/31.25 mg/5 mL suspension)drugId:54 PA ANTIBIOTICS
AugmentindrugId:6420 (amoxicillin / clavulanate chewable tablet, 200/28.5, 250/62.5, 400/57, 600/42.9 mg/5 mL suspension, tablet)drugId:6420 ANTIBIOTICS #
Augmentin XR (amoxicillin / clavulanate extended-release)drugId:55 PA ANTIBIOTICS
AVC (sulfanilamide)drugId:1909 ANTIBIOTICS
Avelox (moxifloxacin injection)drugId:2748 ANTIBIOTICS
Avelox (moxifloxacin tablet)drugId:1398 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Avycaz (ceftazidime / avibactam)drugId:4902 PA ANTIBIOTICS
AzactamdrugId:120 (aztreonam injection)drugId:120 ANTIBIOTICS #
bacitracindrugId:1989 ANTIBIOTICS *
BactrimdrugId:1907 (sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim tablet)drugId:1907 ANTIBIOTICS #
Baxdela (delafloxacin injection)drugId:6480 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Baxdela (delafloxacin tablet)drugId:6481 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Benzamycin (benzoyl peroxide / erythromycin)drugId:627 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Bethkis (tobramycin inhalation solution-Bethkis)drugId:2884 PA ANTIBIOTICS BP
BiaxindrugId:252 (clarithromycin)drugId:252 ANTIBIOTICS #
Bicillin CR (penicillin G benzathine / penicillin G procaine)drugId:2624 ANTIBIOTICS
Bicillin LA (penicillin G 0.6 million, 1.2 million, 2.4 million units)drugId:2625 ANTIBIOTICS
Cancidas (caspofungin) ANTIBIOTICS #
Cayston (aztreonam) ANTIBIOTICS BP
cefaclordrugId:189 ANTIBIOTICS
cefaclor extended-releasedrugId:190 PA ANTIBIOTICS
cefadroxil capsule, suspensiondrugId:191 ANTIBIOTICS
cefadroxil tabletdrugId:1986 PA ANTIBIOTICS
cefazolindrugId:192 ANTIBIOTICS
cefdinirdrugId:193 ANTIBIOTICS
cefepimedrugId:195 ANTIBIOTICS
CefotandrugId:5200 (cefotetan)drugId:5200 ANTIBIOTICS #
cefoxitindrugId:198 ANTIBIOTICS
cefpodoximedrugId:199 ANTIBIOTICS
cefprozildrugId:200 ANTIBIOTICS
ceftriaxonedrugId:204 ANTIBIOTICS
cefuroxime axetildrugId:205 ANTIBIOTICS
cefuroxime sodiumdrugId:206 ANTIBIOTICS
Centany (mupirocin ointment)drugId:2564 ANTIBIOTICS
cephalexin 333 mg capsuledrugId:6484 PA ANTIBIOTICS
chloramphenicoldrugId:217 ANTIBIOTICS
CiprodrugId:241 (ciprofloxacin)drugId:241 ANTIBIOTICS #
Cipro XR (ciprofloxacin extended-release)drugId:238 PA ANTIBIOTICS
ClaforandrugId:197 (cefotaxime)drugId:197 ANTIBIOTICS #
clarithromycin extended-releasedrugId:253 PA ANTIBIOTICS
CleocindrugId:255 (clindamycin capsule, injection, oral solution)drugId:255 ANTIBIOTICS #
CleocindrugId:5000 (clindamycin vaginal cream-Cleocin)drugId:5000 ANTIBIOTICS #
Cleocin T (clindamycin pledgets)drugId:256 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Cleocin TdrugId:257 (clindamycin gel, lotion, solution)drugId:257 PA ≥ 22 years ANTIBIOTICS #
Cleocin Vaginal Ovule (clindamycin vaginal suppository)drugId:4915 ANTIBIOTICS
Clindagel (clindamycin gel-Clindagel)drugId:258 PA ANTIBIOTICS
clindamycin powderdrugId:7738 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Clindesse (clindamycin vaginal cream-Clindesse)drugId:260 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Coly-Mycin MdrugId:291 (colistimethate sodium injection)drugId:291 ANTIBIOTICS #
Cortisporin (neomycin / bacitracin / polymyxin B / hydrocortisone topical ointment)drugId:5502 ANTIBIOTICS
Cortisporin (neomycin / polymyxin B / hydrocortisone cream)drugId:1184 ANTIBIOTICS
CubicindrugId:326 (daptomycin)drugId:326 ANTIBIOTICS #
Dalvance (dalbavancin)drugId:4623 PA ANTIBIOTICS
dapsone tabletdrugId:324 ANTIBIOTICS
daptomycindrugId:6744 ANTIBIOTICS
demeclocyclinedrugId:337 ANTIBIOTICS
dicloxacillindrugId:515 ANTIBIOTICS
Dificid (fidaxomicin)drugId:2283 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Doryx (doxycycline hyclate delayed-release 50 mg, 80 mg, 120 mg, 200 mg tablet)drugId:2900 PA ANTIBIOTICS
double antibiotic ointment (bacitracin / polymyxin B topical ointment)drugId:6260 ANTIBIOTICS *
doxycycline hyclate 20 mg, 100 mg tabletdrugId:2902 ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline hyclate 50 mg capsuledrugId:2901 ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline hyclate 75 mg, 150 mg tabletdrugId:6141 PA ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline hyclate delayed-release 75 mg, 100 mg, 150 mg tabletdrugId:574 PA ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline hyclate injectiondrugId:2301 ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline monohydrate 150 mg capsuledrugId:576 PA ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline monohydrate 150 mg tabletdrugId:2905 PA ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline monohydrate 50 mg, 100 mg capsuledrugId:2899 ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline monohydrate 50 mg, 75 mg, 100 mg tabletdrugId:2300 ANTIBIOTICS
doxycycline monohydrate 75 mg capsuledrugId:2906 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Eraxis (anidulafungin) ANTIBIOTICS
ErygeldrugId:5880 (erythromycin gel)drugId:5880 PA ≥ 22 years ANTIBIOTICS #
ErypeddrugId:621 (erythromycin ethylsuccinate suspension)drugId:621 ANTIBIOTICS #
Erythrocin (erythromycin injection)drugId:2679 ANTIBIOTICS
erythromycin / ethanol pads, pledgetsdrugId:628 PA ANTIBIOTICS
erythromycin delayed-release capsule, tabletdrugId:623 ANTIBIOTICS
erythromycin solutiondrugId:2437 PA ≥ 22 years ANTIBIOTICS
erythromycin tabletdrugId:624 ANTIBIOTICS
Evoclin (clindamycin foam)drugId:261 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Fetroja (cefiderocol)drugId:7392 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Firvanq (vancomycin oral solution)drugId:6683 ANTIBIOTICS BP
Flagyl (metronidazole 375 mg capsule)drugId:1988 PA ANTIBIOTICS
FlagyldrugId:1341 (metronidazole 250 mg, 500 mg tablet)drugId:1341 ANTIBIOTICS #
FortazdrugId:202 (ceftazidime)drugId:202 ANTIBIOTICS #
FuradantindrugId:1223 (nitrofurantoin)drugId:1223 ANTIBIOTICS #
gentamicin injectiondrugId:2636 ANTIBIOTICS
gentamicin topical cream, ointmentdrugId:5901 ANTIBIOTICS
Gynazole-1 (butoconazole) ANTIBIOTICS
InvanzdrugId:620 (ertapenem)drugId:620 ANTIBIOTICS #
Keflex (cephalexin 750 mg capsule)drugId:209 PA ANTIBIOTICS
KeflexdrugId:208 (cephalexin 250 mg, 500 mg capsule, suspension)drugId:208 ANTIBIOTICS #
Kitabis Pak (tobramycin inhalation solution-Kitabis Pak)drugId:4781 ANTIBIOTICS BP
Lampit (nifurtimox)drugId:7598 PA ANTIBIOTICS
LevaquindrugId:1044 (levofloxacin)drugId:1044 ANTIBIOTICS #
levofloxacin powderdrugId:7053 PA ANTIBIOTICS
LincocindrugId:2634 (lincomycin)drugId:2634 ANTIBIOTICS #
Lithostat (acetohydroxamic acid) ANTIBIOTICS
MacrobiddrugId:1225 (nitrofurantoin monohydrate / macrocrystals)drugId:1225 ANTIBIOTICS #
MacrodantindrugId:1224 (nitrofurantoin macrocrystals)drugId:1224 ANTIBIOTICS #
MerremdrugId:1148 (meropenem)drugId:1148 ANTIBIOTICS #
MetrodrugId:5640 (metronidazole injection)drugId:5640 ANTIBIOTICS #
Metrogel-VaginaldrugId:4882 (metronidazole 0.75% vaginal gel-Metrogel-Vaginal)drugId:4882 ANTIBIOTICS #
Minocin (minocycline injection)drugId:5660 ANTIBIOTICS
minocycline capsuledrugId:2303 ANTIBIOTICS
minocycline extended-release 45 mg, 90 mg, 135 mg tabletdrugId:7165 PA ANTIBIOTICS
minocycline tabletdrugId:1361 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Minolira (minocycline extended-release 105 mg, 135 mg tablet)drugId:7262 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Monurol (fosfomycin)drugId:911 ANTIBIOTICS BP
mupirocin creamdrugId:1406 PA ANTIBIOTICS
mupirocin ointmentdrugId:1407 ANTIBIOTICS
mupirocin powderdrugId:7054 PA ANTIBIOTICS
MyambutoldrugId:665 (ethambutol)drugId:665 ANTIBIOTICS #
Mycamine (micafungin) ANTIBIOTICS #
Mycobutin (rifabutin)drugId:1429 ANTIBIOTICS
nafcillindrugId:1421 ANTIBIOTICS
neomycindrugId:1186 ANTIBIOTICS *
Nuvessa (metronidazole 1.3% vaginal gel)drugId:4948 ANTIBIOTICS
Nuzyra (omadacycline injection)drugId:7101 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Nuzyra (omadacycline tablet)drugId:7102 PA ANTIBIOTICS
ofloxacin tabletdrugId:1271 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Oracea (doxycycline monohydrate 40 mg capsule)drugId:579 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Orbactiv (oritavancin)drugId:4790 PA ANTIBIOTICS
oxacillindrugId:1306 ANTIBIOTICS
PCE (erythromycin delayed-release tablet-PCE)drugId:5132 ANTIBIOTICS
penicillin VdrugId:1500 ANTIBIOTICS
PfizerpendrugId:1499 (penicillin G 5 million, 20 million units)drugId:1499 ANTIBIOTICS #
PrimaxindrugId:781 (imipenem / cilastatin)drugId:781 ANTIBIOTICS #
pyrazinamidedrugId:1611 ANTIBIOTICS
Recarbrio (imipenem / cilastatin / relebactam)drugId:7376 PA ANTIBIOTICS
RifadindrugId:1430 (rifampin)drugId:1430 ANTIBIOTICS #
SilvadenedrugId:1850 (silver sulfadiazine-Silvadene)drugId:1850 ANTIBIOTICS #
Sivextro (tedizolid injection)drugId:4636 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Sivextro (tedizolid tablet)drugId:4635 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Solodyn (minocycline extended-release 55 mg, 65 mg, 115 mg tablet)drugId:1364 ANTIBIOTICS BP
SolodyndrugId:1363 (minocycline extended-release 80 mg, 105 mg tablet)drugId:1363 ANTIBIOTICS #
Solosec (secnidazole)drugId:6523 PA ANTIBIOTICS
SSDdrugId:2534 (silver sulfadiazine-SSD)drugId:2534 ANTIBIOTICS #
streptomycindrugId:2496 ANTIBIOTICS
sulfadiazinedrugId:1906 ANTIBIOTICS
sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim injectiondrugId:5661 ANTIBIOTICS
SulfamylondrugId:1113 (mafenide)drugId:1113 ANTIBIOTICS #
SulfatrimdrugId:5133 (sulfamethoxazole / trimethoprim suspension)drugId:5133 ANTIBIOTICS #
Suprax (cefixime)drugId:196 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Synercid (dalfopristin / quinupristin)drugId:2037 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Teflaro (ceftaroline)drugId:2179 PA ANTIBIOTICS BP
Terazol (terconazole) ANTIBIOTICS #
tetracyclinedrugId:1689 ANTIBIOTICS
ThermazenedrugId:1852 (silver sulfadiazine-Thermazene)drugId:1852 ANTIBIOTICS #
TobidrugId:1713 (tobramycin inhalation solution-Tobi)drugId:1713 ANTIBIOTICS #
Tobi Podhaler (tobramycin inhalation powder)drugId:2794 PA ANTIBIOTICS
tobramycin injectiondrugId:2630 ANTIBIOTICS
trimethoprim tabletdrugId:4886 ANTIBIOTICS
triple antibiotic ointment (neomycin / bacitracin / polymyxin B topical ointment)drugId:1994 ANTIBIOTICS *
Tygacil (tigecycline)drugId:1701 PA ANTIBIOTICS
UnasyndrugId:64 (ampicillin / sulbactam)drugId:64 ANTIBIOTICS #
VancocindrugId:1787 (vancomycin capsule)drugId:1787 ANTIBIOTICS #
vancomycin injectiondrugId:1788 ANTIBIOTICS
Vandazole (metronidazole 0.75% vaginal gel-Vandazole)drugId:4887 ANTIBIOTICS
Vibativ (telavancin)drugId:1949 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Vibramycin (doxycycline calcium syrup)drugId:2903 ANTIBIOTICS
VibramycindrugId:575 (doxycycline hyclate 100 mg capsule)drugId:575 ANTIBIOTICS #
VibramycindrugId:2904 (doxycycline monohydrate suspension)drugId:2904 ANTIBIOTICS #
Xenleta (lefamulin injection)drugId:7357 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Xenleta (lefamulin tablet)drugId:7358 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Xepi (ozenoxacin)drugId:7917 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Xerava (eravacycline)drugId:7049 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Xifaxan (rifaximin 200 mg)drugId:1433 ANTIBIOTICS
Xifaxan (rifaximin 550 mg)drugId:7140 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Ximino (minocycline extended-release capsule)drugId:6413 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Zemdri (plazomicin)drugId:7014 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Zerbaxa (ceftolozane / tazobactam)drugId:4842 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Zilxi (minocycline 1.5% foam)drugId:7605 PA ANTIBIOTICS
ZithromaxdrugId:117 (azithromycin)drugId:117 ANTIBIOTICS #
ZosyndrugId:1537 (piperacillin / tazobactam)drugId:1537 ANTIBIOTICS #
Zyvox (linezolid injection)drugId:1079 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Zyvox (linezolid suspension, tablet)drugId:1078 PA ANTIBIOTICS
ArixtradrugId:904 (fondaparinux)drugId:904 ANTICOAGULANTS #
Eliquis (apixaban)drugId:2721 ANTICOAGULANTS
Fragmin (dalteparin)drugId:321 ANTICOAGULANTS
heparindrugId:704 ANTICOAGULANTS
heparin lock flushdrugId:703 ANTICOAGULANTS
LovenoxdrugId:601 (enoxaparin)drugId:601 ANTICOAGULANTS #
Pradaxa (dabigatran etexilate mesylate)drugId:5286 ANTICOAGULANTS BP
Savaysa (edoxaban)drugId:4795 PA ANTICOAGULANTS
warfarindrugId:1812 ANTICOAGULANTS
Xarelto (rivaroxaban 10 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, starter pack)drugId:2371 ANTICOAGULANTS
Xarelto (rivaroxaban 2.5 mg)drugId:2384 PA ANTICOAGULANTS
Aptiom (eslicarbazepine)drugId:2953 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Banzel (rufinamide)drugId:1826 PA ANTICONVULSANTS BP
Briviact (brivaracetam solution, tablet)drugId:5582 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
CarbatroldrugId:3240 (carbamazepine extended-release)drugId:3240 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Celontin (methsuximide)drugId:948 ANTICONVULSANTS
CerebyxdrugId:2681 (fosphenytoin)drugId:2681 ANTICONVULSANTS #
DepacondrugId:1780 (valproate)drugId:1780 ANTICONVULSANTS #
DepakenedrugId:1782 (valproic acid)drugId:1782 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Depakote (divalproex sprinkle capsule)drugId:2315 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS BP
DepakotedrugId:3320 (divalproex immediate-release)drugId:3320 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Depakote ERdrugId:3340 (divalproex extended-release)drugId:3340 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Diacomit (stiripentol)drugId:7132 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
DilantindrugId:1525 (phenytoin extended 30 mg and 100 mg capsule)drugId:1525 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Dilantin-125drugId:2938 (phenytoin suspension)drugId:2938 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Dilantin InfatabdrugId:1523 (phenytoin chewable tablet)drugId:1523 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Epidiolex (cannabidiol)drugId:6902 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Equetro (carbamazepine extended-release)drugId:171 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS
FelbatoldrugId:465 (felbamate)drugId:465 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Fintepla (fenfluramine)drugId:7464 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Fycompa (perampanel)drugId:7566 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
gabapentin powderdrugId:6373 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Gabitril (tiagabine)drugId:4500 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
KeppradrugId:1037 (levetiracetam injection, solution, tablet)drugId:1037 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Keppra XRdrugId:1038 (levetiracetam extended-release)drugId:1038 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Lamictal (lamotrigine tablet starter kit)drugId:4284 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
LamictaldrugId:4288 (lamotrigine dispersible tablet)drugId:4288 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
LamictaldrugId:1013 (lamotrigine tablet)drugId:1013 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Lamictal ODT (lamotrigine orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:1014 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Lamictal ODT (lamotrigine orally disintegrating tablet starter kit)drugId:1015 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Lamictal XR (lamotrigine extended-release tablet)drugId:1017 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Lamictal XR (lamotrigine extended-release tablet starter kit)drugId:1018 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
lamotrigine powderdrugId:7189 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Lyrica (pregabalin)drugId:1582 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
MysolinedrugId:1586 (primidone)drugId:1586 ANTICONVULSANTS #
NeurontindrugId:3480 (gabapentin capsule, solution, tablet)drugId:3480 PA < 6 years and PA > 3600 mg/day ANTICONVULSANTS #
OnfidrugId:2419 (clobazam suspension, tablet)drugId:2419 ANTICONVULSANTS #
Oxtellar XR (oxcarbazepine extended-release)drugId:4443 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Peganone (ethotoin)drugId:669 ANTICONVULSANTS
phenytoin extended 200 mg and 300 mg capsuledrugId:1526 ANTICONVULSANTS
phenytoin injectiondrugId:2661 ANTICONVULSANTS ^
Qudexy XRdrugId:2943 (topiramate extended-release capsule-Qudexy XR)drugId:2943 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Sabril (vigabatrin)drugId:1802 PA ANTICONVULSANTS BP
Spritam (levetiracetam tablet for oral suspension)drugId:5397 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Sympazan (clobazam film)drugId:7107 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
TegretoldrugId:170 (carbamazepine-Tegretol)drugId:170 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Tegretol XRdrugId:2192 (carbamazepine extended-release)drugId:2192 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
TopamaxdrugId:1729 (topiramate)drugId:1729 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
TopamaxdrugId:2316 (topiramate sprinkle capsule)drugId:2316 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
topiramate powderdrugId:7121 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
TrileptaldrugId:1311 (oxcarbazepine)drugId:1311 PA < 6 years ANTICONVULSANTS #
Trokendi XR (topiramate extended-release capsule-Trokendi XR)drugId:2859 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Vimpat (lacosamide injection)drugId:1002 ANTICONVULSANTS
Vimpat (lacosamide solution)drugId:1972 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Vimpat (lacosamide tablet)drugId:3520 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
Xcopri (cenobamate)drugId:7406 PA ANTICONVULSANTS
ZarontindrugId:668 (ethosuximide)drugId:668 ANTICONVULSANTS #
zonisamidedrugId:1936 ANTICONVULSANTS
amitriptyline / chlordiazepoxidedrugId:40 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
amitriptyline powderdrugId:6369 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
amitriptyline tabletdrugId:39 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
amoxapinedrugId:56 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Anafranil (clomipramine)drugId:272 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Aplenzin (bupropion hydrobromide extended-release)drugId:395 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ANTIDEPRESSANTS
CelexadrugId:3700 (citalopram)drugId:3700 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
CymbaltadrugId:3960 (duloxetine 20 mg, 30 mg, 60 mg capsule)drugId:3960 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
desvenlafaxine extended-releasedrugId:3920 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
doxepin capsule, oral concentratedrugId:2040 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Effexor XRdrugId:1795 (venlafaxine extended-release capsule)drugId:1795 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Emsam (selegiline transdermal patch)drugId:1840 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Fetzima (levomilnacipran)drugId:2886 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ANTIDEPRESSANTS
fluoxetine 60 mg tabletdrugId:2458 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
fluvoxamine extended-releasedrugId:901 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
fluvoxamine immediate-releasedrugId:900 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Forfivo XL (bupropion hydrochloride extended-release 450 mg tablet)drugId:2640 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS BP
imipramine hydrochloridedrugId:782 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
imipramine pamoatedrugId:2308 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Khedezla (desvenlafaxine extended-release-Khedezla)drugId:2907 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
LexaprodrugId:3701 (escitalopram)drugId:3701 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
maprotilinedrugId:1118 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Marplan (isocarboxazid)drugId:2619 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
NardildrugId:1515 (phenelzine)drugId:1515 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
nefazodonedrugId:3840 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Norpramin (desipramine)drugId:2620 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
PamelordrugId:1262 (nortriptyline)drugId:1262 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
PaxildrugId:1484 (paroxetine hydrochloride)drugId:1484 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Paxil CR (paroxetine controlled-release)drugId:1485 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Pexeva (paroxetine mesylate)drugId:3802 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
PristiqdrugId:490 (desvenlafaxine succinate extended-release)drugId:490 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
protriptylinedrugId:4140 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
ProzacdrugId:3721 (fluoxetine 10 mg, 20 mg, 40 mg capsule, solution)drugId:3721 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Prozac Weekly (fluoxetine 90 mg delayed-release capsule)drugId:3720 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
RemerondrugId:3621 (mirtazapine)drugId:3621 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Remeron Sol Tab (mirtazapine orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:1367 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
SarafemdrugId:3740 (fluoxetine 10 mg, 20 mg tablet for premenstrual dysphoric disorder)drugId:3740 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Spravato (esketamine)drugId:7138 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Symbyax (olanzapine / fluoxetine)drugId:1279 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
tranylcyprominedrugId:1741 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
trazodone 300 mg tabletdrugId:3862 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
trazodone 50 mg, 100 mg, 150 mgdrugId:1744 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
trimipraminedrugId:1765 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Trintellix (vortioxetine)drugId:2885 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
venlafaxine extended-release tabletdrugId:1794 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS
venlafaxinedrugId:1796 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS
Viibryd (vilazodone)drugId:2294 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS BP
WellbutrindrugId:3660 (bupropion hydrochloride)drugId:3660 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Wellbutrin SRdrugId:397 (bupropion hydrochloride sustained-release-Wellbutrin SR)drugId:397 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Wellbutrin XLdrugId:398 (bupropion hydrochloride extended-release 150 mg, 300 mg tablets)drugId:398 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
ZoloftdrugId:1845 (sertraline)drugId:1845 PA < 6 years ANTIDEPRESSANTS #
Zulresso (brexanolone)drugId:7303 PA ANTIDEPRESSANTS ^
bismuth subsalicylatedrugId:366 ANTIDIARRHEALS *
LomotildrugId:542 (diphenoxylate / atropine)drugId:542 ANTIDIARRHEALS #
loperamidedrugId:1097 ANTIDIARRHEALS *
Motofen (difenoxin / atropine)drugId:6111 PA ANTIDIARRHEALS
Mytesi (crofelemer)drugId:5684 PA ANTIDIARRHEALS
opium tincturedrugId:2423 PA ANTIDIARRHEALS
Xermelo (telotristat ethyl)drugId:6108 PA ANTIDIARRHEALS
Acetadote (acetylcysteine injection) ANTIDOTES ^
Anascorp (centruroides immune F(ab’)2, equine) ANTIDOTES ^
BAL in Oil (dimercaprol) ANTIDOTES ^
Cyanokit (hydroxocobalamin) ANTIDOTES
EthyoldrugId:2670 (amifostine)drugId:2670 ANTIDOTES #
Exjade (deferasirox 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg)drugId:333 ANTIDOTES BP
Ferriprox (deferiprone)drugId:2483 PA ANTIDOTES
Fusilev (levoleucovorin powder for injection)drugId:1047 PA ANTIDOTES
JadenudrugId:4942 (deferasirox 90 mg, 180 mg, 360 mg)drugId:4942 ANTIDOTES #
Kepivance (palifermin) ANTIDOTES
Khapzory (levoleucovorin powder for injection)drugId:7286 PA ANTIDOTES
Kloxxado (naloxone 8 mg nasal spray)drugId:7979 PA ANTIDOTES
leucovorindrugId:1032 ANTIDOTES
levoleucovorin injectiondrugId:4944 PA ANTIDOTES
Mesnex (mesna tablet) ANTIDOTES
Mesnex (mesna injection) ANTIDOTES #
naloxone vial, syringedrugId:1424 ANTIDOTES
Narcan (naloxone 4 mg nasal spray)drugId:5280 ANTIDOTES BP
Totect (dexrazoxane) ANTIDOTES
Zinecard (dexrazoxane) ANTIDOTES #
Akynzeo (fosnetupitant / palonosetron injection)drugId:6620 PA > 2 vials/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Akynzeo (netupitant / palonosetron capsule)drugId:4761 PA > 2 capsules/28 days ANTIEMETICS
AloxidrugId:1473 (palonosetron 0.25 mg/5 mL injection)drugId:1473 PA > 2 units/28 days ANTIEMETICS #
aprepitant 125 mg capsuledrugId:7498 PA > 2 capsules/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Bonjesta (doxylamine / pyridoxine extended-release)drugId:6680 PA ANTIEMETICS
Cesamet (nabilone)drugId:1414 PA ANTIEMETICS
Cinvanti (aprepitant injectable emulsion)drugId:6604 PA ANTIEMETICS
Diclegis (doxylamine / pyridoxine delayed-release)drugId:2778 PA ANTIEMETICS BP
Emend (aprepitant 125 mg powder for oral suspension)drugId:5726 PA > 6 units/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Emend (aprepitant trifold pack)drugId:87 PA > 2 packs/28 days ANTIEMETICS BP
Emend (fosaprepitant injection)drugId:909 PA > 2 vials/28 days ANTIEMETICS
EmenddrugId:86 (aprepitant 40 mg)drugId:86 PA > 2 capsules/28 days ANTIEMETICS #
EmenddrugId:85 (aprepitant 80 mg)drugId:85 PA > 4 capsules/28 days ANTIEMETICS #
granisetron injectiondrugId:683 ANTIEMETICS
granisetron tabletdrugId:684 PA > 2 tablets/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Marinol (dronabinol capsule)drugId:582 PA ANTIEMETICS
meclizine ANTIEMETICS *
ondansetron 24 mg tabletdrugId:6375 PA ANTIEMETICS
palonosetron 0.25 mg/2 mL injectiondrugId:6614 PA > 2 units/28 days ANTIEMETICS
prochlorperazine ANTIEMETICS
Reglan (metoclopramide) ANTIEMETICS #
Sancuso (granisetron transdermal system)drugId:685 PA ANTIEMETICS
Sustol (granisetron extended-release injection)drugId:5767 PA > 2 units/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Tigan (trimethobenzamide) ANTIEMETICS #
Transderm-Scop (scopolamine transdermal patch)drugId:1835 ANTIEMETICS BP
Varubi (rolapitant injection)drugId:6409 PA > 2 vials/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Varubi (rolapitant tablet)drugId:5303 PA > 2 tablets/28 days ANTIEMETICS
Zofran (ondansetron solution)drugId:1293 PA ANTIEMETICS
ZofrandrugId:1292 (ondansetron 4 mg, 8 mg tablet)drugId:1292 ANTIEMETICS #
ZofrandrugId:1295 (ondansetron injection)drugId:1295 ANTIEMETICS #
Zofran ODTdrugId:1294 (ondansetron orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:1294 ANTIEMETICS #
Zuplenz (ondansetron film)drugId:1975 PA ANTIEMETICS
Advate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Advate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Adynovate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant pegylated-Adynovate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Afstyla (antihemophilic factor, recombinant, single chain-Afstyla) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Alphanate (antihemophilic factor / von willebrand factor complex, human) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Alphanine SD (factor IX, human) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Alprolix (factor IX recombinant, Fc fusion protein) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Bebulin VH Immuno (factor ix complex human-Bebulin) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Benefix (factor IX human recombinant-Benefix) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS PD
Coagadex (coagulation factor X, human) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Corifact (factor XIII concentrate, human) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Eloctate (factor VIII recombinant, Fc fusion protein) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Esperoct (factor VIII recombinant, glycopegylated-exei) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Feiba NF (anti-inhibitor coagulant complex-Feiba NF) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Feiba VH Immuno (anti-inhibitor coagulant complex-Feiba VH) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Fibryga (fibrinogen) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Helixate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Helixate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Hemlibra (emicizumab-kxwh) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Hemofil-M (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Hemofil-M) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Humate-P (antihemophilic factor, human-Humate-P) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Idelvion (factor IX recombinant, albumin fusion protein) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Ixinity (factor IX human recombinant-Ixinity) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Jivi (antihemophilic factor, recombinant pegylated-aucl-Jivi) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Koate-DVI (antihemophilic factor, human-Koate-DVI) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Kogenate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Kogenate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Kovaltry (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Kovaltry) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Monoclate-P (antihemophilic factor, human-Monoclate-P) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Novoeight (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Novoeight) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Novoseven (coagulation factor VIIa, recombinant) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Nuwiq (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Nuwiq) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Obizur (antihemophilic factor, recombinant, porcine sequence-Obizur) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Profilnine SD (factor IX complex human-Profilnine SD) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Rebinyn (coagulation factor IX recombinant, glycopegylated-Rebinyn) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Recombinate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Recombinate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Riastap (fibrinogen concentrate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Rixubis (coagulation factor IX, recombinant) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Tretten (factor XIII A-subunit recombinant) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Vonvendi (von willebrand factor, recombinant) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Wilate (von willebrand factor / coagulation factor VIII complex) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Xyntha (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Xyntha) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS PD
azelastine ophthalmic solutiondrugId:114 ANTIHISTAMINES
Benadryl  drugId:541 (diphenhydramine)drugId:541 ANTIHISTAMINES * #
Bepreve (bepotastine)drugId:350 ANTIHISTAMINES BP
carbinoxamine 4 mg/5 mL solution, 4 mg tabletdrugId:2267 ANTIHISTAMINES
carbinoxamine 6 mg tabletdrugId:7229 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
cetirizine / pseudoephedrinedrugId:2265 ANTIHISTAMINES *
cetirizine syrup, tabletdrugId:211 ANTIHISTAMINES *
chlorpheniraminedrugId:222 ANTIHISTAMINES *
ClarinexdrugId:339 (desloratadine syrup, tablet)drugId:339 ANTIHISTAMINES #
Clarinex-D (desloratadine / pseudoephedrine)drugId:474 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
clemastinedrugId:254 ANTIHISTAMINES
cyproheptadinedrugId:315 ANTIHISTAMINES
desloratadine orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:2749 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
dexchlorpheniramine solutiondrugId:7220 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
dimenhydrinate injectiondrugId:2677 ANTIHISTAMINES
epinastinedrugId:605 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
hydroxyzine hydrochloridedrugId:6000 ANTIHISTAMINES
Karbinal ER (carbinoxamine extended-release)drugId:2962 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
ketotifendrugId:6208 ANTIHISTAMINES *
ketotifen powderdrugId:7052 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
Lastacaft (alcaftadine)drugId:2173 ANTIHISTAMINES
levocetirizine solutiondrugId:5960 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
levocetirizine tabletdrugId:1043 ANTIHISTAMINES #
loratadine / pseudoephedrinedrugId:2264 ANTIHISTAMINES *
loratadine tablet, solutiondrugId:1099 ANTIHISTAMINES *
olopatadine ophthalmic solutiondrugId:1284 ANTIHISTAMINES
PhenergandrugId:1593 (promethazine)drugId:1593 ANTIHISTAMINES #
Quzyttir (cetirizine injection)drugId:7375 PA ANTIHISTAMINES ^
VistarildrugId:762 (hydroxyzine pamoate)drugId:762 ANTIHISTAMINES #
Zerviate (cetirizine ophthalmic solution)drugId:7472 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
chloroquine phosphate ANTIMALARIALS
Coartem (artemether / lumefantrine)drugId:95 PA > 24 units/365 days ANTIMALARIALS
Daraprim (pyrimethamine)drugId:1614 PA ANTIMALARIALS BP
hydroxychloroquine ANTIMALARIALS
Krintafel (tafenoquine)drugId:7261 PA > 2 units/365 days ANTIMALARIALS
Malarone (atovaquone / proguanil) ANTIMALARIALS #
Qualaquin (quinine)drugId:1623 PA ANTIMALARIALS
Jemperli (dostarlimab-gxly)drugId:7921 PA ANTINEOPLASTICS
AlbenzadrugId:166 (albendazole)drugId:166 ANTIPARASITICS #
benznidazoledrugId:6502 ANTIPARASITICS
Biltricide (praziquantel)drugId:2358 ANTIPARASITICS BP
Egaten (triclabendazole)drugId:7283 PA ANTIPARASITICS
ElimitedrugId:4700 (permethrin cream)drugId:4700 ANTIPARASITICS #
Eurax (crotamiton cream)drugId:7338 ANTIPARASITICS
Eurax (crotamiton lotion)drugId:300 PA ANTIPARASITICS
lindane shampoodrugId:1076 PA ANTIPARASITICS
mebendazoledrugId:5394 PA ANTIPARASITICS
MeprondrugId:106 (atovaquone)drugId:106 ANTIPARASITICS #
Natroba (spinosad)drugId:2239 PA ANTIPARASITICS
Nebupent (pentamidine) ANTIPARASITICS #
nitazoxanide tabletdrugId:7576 PA ANTIPARASITICS
Ovide (malathion)drugId:1117 PA ANTIPARASITICS
paromomycindrugId:1482 ANTIPARASITICS
permethrindrugId:1510 ANTIPARASITICS *
Pin-X (pyrantel pamoate)drugId:6215 ANTIPARASITICS
piperonyl butoxide / pyrethrinsdrugId:1538 ANTIPARASITICS *
Reese's Pinworm (pyrantel pamoate)drugId:6217 ANTIPARASITICS
Sklice (ivermectin lotion)drugId:2584 PA ANTIPARASITICS
StromectoldrugId:989 (ivermectin tablet)drugId:989 PA > 20 units/90 days ANTIPARASITICS #
tinidazoledrugId:1706 PA ANTIPARASITICS
amantadine immediate-release capsule, solution, tabletdrugId:29 ANTIPARKINSON
Apokyn (apomorphine injection)drugId:83 ANTIPARKINSON
Azilect (rasagiline)drugId:1640 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIPARKINSON
benztropinedrugId:348 ANTIPARKINSON
carbidopa / levodopa extended-release tabletdrugId:1997 ANTIPARKINSON
carbidopa / levodopa orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:174 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Comtan (entacapone)drugId:602 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Duopa (carbidopa / levodopa enteral suspension)drugId:5104 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Gocovri (amantadine extended-release capsule)drugId:6402 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Inbrija (levodopa)drugId:7237 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Kynmobi (apomorphine film)drugId:7490 PA ANTIPARKINSON
LodosyndrugId:173 (carbidopa)drugId:173 ANTIPARKINSON #
MirapexdrugId:1569 (pramipexole)drugId:1569 ANTIPARKINSON #
Mirapex ER (pramipexole extended-release)drugId:1943 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Neupro (rotigotine transdermal system)drugId:2643 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIPARKINSON BP
Nourianz (istradefylline)drugId:7349 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Ongentys (opicapone)drugId:7564 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Osmolex ER (amantadine extended-release tablet)drugId:7006 PA ANTIPARKINSON
ParlodeldrugId:377 (bromocriptine 2.5 mg, 5 mg)drugId:377 ANTIPARKINSON #
RequipdrugId:1453 (ropinirole)drugId:1453 ANTIPARKINSON #
Requip XL (ropinirole extended-release)drugId:1454 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Rytary (carbidopa / levodopa extended-release capsule)drugId:4950 PA ANTIPARKINSON
selegiline capsule, tabletdrugId:2378 ANTIPARKINSON
SinemetdrugId:175 (carbidopa / levodopa tablet)drugId:175 ANTIPARKINSON #
Stalevo (carbidopa / levodopa / entacapone)drugId:176 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Tasmar (tolcapone)drugId:1722 PA ANTIPARKINSON
trihexyphenidyldrugId:1762 ANTIPARKINSON
Xadago (safinamide)drugId:6185 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Zelapar (selegiline orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:1839 PA ANTIPARKINSON
AgrylindrugId:65 (anagrelide)drugId:65 ANTIPLATELET AGENT #
aspirin / extended-release dipyridamoledrugId:100 ANTIPLATELET AGENT
Brilinta (ticagrelor)drugId:2359 ANTIPLATELET AGENT
cilostazoldrugId:235 ANTIPLATELET AGENT
dipyridamoledrugId:545 ANTIPLATELET AGENT
EffientdrugId:1571 (prasugrel)drugId:1571 ANTIPLATELET AGENT #
PlavixdrugId:277 (clopidogrel)drugId:277 ANTIPLATELET AGENT #
Zontivity (vorapaxar)drugId:2950 PA ANTIPLATELET AGENT
AbilifydrugId:90 (aripiprazole tablet)drugId:90 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Abilify Maintena (aripiprazole extended-release injection)drugId:2717 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Abilify Mycite (aripiprazole tablet with sensor)drugId:7230 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
amitriptyline / perphenazinedrugId:1512 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
aripiprazole orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:92 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
aripiprazole solutiondrugId:91 PA < 6 years or ≥ 18 years and PA > 25 mL/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Aristada (aripiprazole lauroxil 1,064 mg)drugId:6301 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 injection/2 months ANTIPSYCHOTIC PD
Aristada (aripiprazole lauroxil 441 mg, 662 mg, 882 mg)drugId:5241 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 injection/month ANTIPSYCHOTIC PD
Aristada Initio (aripiprazole lauroxil 675 mg)drugId:6860 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 injection/month ANTIPSYCHOTIC PD
Caplyta (lumateperone)drugId:7362 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
chlorpromazinedrugId:6321 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
clozapine orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:282 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
ClozarildrugId:281 (clozapine tablet)drugId:281 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Fanapt (iloperidone)drugId:777 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
fluphenazinedrugId:883 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
GeodondrugId:1926 (ziprasidone capsule)drugId:1926 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
GeodondrugId:1925 (ziprasidone injection)drugId:1925 ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
HaldoldrugId:6323 (haloperidol)drugId:6323 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Invega (paliperidone tablet)drugId:4280 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC BP
Invega Sustenna (paliperidone extended-release 1-month injection)drugId:4281 PA < 6 years, PA > 2 injections/month within the first 30 days of therapy and PA > 1 injection/month after 30 days of therapy ANTIPSYCHOTIC PD
Invega Trinza (paliperidone extended-release 3-month injection)drugId:5121 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 injection/3 months ANTIPSYCHOTIC PD
Latuda (lurasidone)drugId:2174 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
LithobiddrugId:1092 (lithium)drugId:1092 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
LoxitanedrugId:1109 (loxapine capsule)drugId:1109 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
molindonedrugId:1378 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
NavanedrugId:1696 (thiothixene)drugId:1696 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Nuplazid (pimavanserin)drugId:5588 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
OrapdrugId:1532 (pimozide)drugId:1532 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
perphenazinedrugId:1511 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Perseris (risperidone extended-release subcutaneous injection)drugId:7009 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Rexulti (brexpiprazole)drugId:5110 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
RisperdaldrugId:1440 (risperidone 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg, 3 mg tablets)drugId:1440 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
RisperdaldrugId:2755 (risperidone 4 mg tablet)drugId:2755 PA < 6 years and PA > 4 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
RisperdaldrugId:1441 (risperidone solution)drugId:1441 PA < 6 years and PA > 16 mL/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Risperdal Consta (risperidone extended-release intramuscular injection)drugId:1444 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 injections/month ANTIPSYCHOTIC
risperidone 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, 2 mg orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:7122 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC
risperidone 3 mg, 4 mg orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:4286 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Saphris (asenapine sublingual tablet)drugId:97 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Secuado (asenapine transdermal)drugId:7355 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
SeroqueldrugId:1618 (quetiapine)drugId:1618 PA < 6 years and PA > 3 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Seroquel XRdrugId:1616 (quetiapine extended-release)drugId:1616 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
thioridazinedrugId:6328 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
trifluoperazinedrugId:1760 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Versacloz (clozapine suspension)drugId:2930 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Vraylar (cariprazine)drugId:5406 PA ANTIPSYCHOTIC
ZyprexadrugId:1275 (olanzapine injection)drugId:1275 ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
ZyprexadrugId:2756 (olanzapine tablet)drugId:2756 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Zyprexa Relprevv (olanzapine 210 mg, 300 mg extended-release injection)drugId:1277 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 injections/month ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Zyprexa Relprevv (olanzapine 405 mg extended-release injection)drugId:1278 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 injection/month ANTIPSYCHOTIC
Zyprexa ZydisdrugId:7126 (olanzapine 15 mg orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:7126 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Zyprexa ZydisdrugId:1276 (olanzapine 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:1276 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
chlorhexidine gluconatedrugId:1990 ANTISEPTICS *
hydrogen peroxidedrugId:753 ANTISEPTICS *
iodinedrugId:1992 ANTISEPTICS *
isopropyl alcoholdrugId:976 ANTISEPTICS *
povidonedrugId:1567 ANTISEPTICS *
Vesicare LS (solifenacin suspension)drugId:7887 PA ANTISPASMODIC AND ANTICHOLINERGIC AGENTS
BentyldrugId:516 (dicyclomine)drugId:516 ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC #
Cuvposa (glycopyrrolate oral solution)drugId:2163 PA ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC
glycopyrrolate 1.5 mg tabletdrugId:2888 PA ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC
glycopyrrolate 1 mg, 2 mg tabletdrugId:679 ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC
glycopyrrolate injectiondrugId:5940 PA ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC
glycopyrrolate powderdrugId:7188 PA ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC
Librax (chlordiazepoxide / clidinium)drugId:6843 PA ANTISPASMODICS,ANTICHOLINERGIC
Zegerid (omeprazole / sodium bicarbonate)drugId:2988 PA ANTI-ULCER PREPARATIONS
acyclovir capsule, tabletdrugId:155 ANTIVIRALS
acyclovir injectiondrugId:2744 ANTIVIRALS
Aptivus (tipranavir)drugId:1709 ANTIVIRALS
AtripladrugId:591 (efavirenz / emtricitabine / tenofovir)drugId:591 ANTIVIRALS #
Baraclude (entecavir solution)drugId:604 PA > 20 mL/day ANTIVIRALS
BaracludedrugId:603 (entecavir tablet)drugId:603 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIVIRALS #
Biktarvy (bictegravir / emtricitabine / tenofovir alafenamide)drugId:6603 ANTIVIRALS PD
Cabenuva (cabotegravir / rilpivirine)drugId:7719 ANTIVIRALS PD
Cimduo (lamivudine / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)drugId:6780 PA ANTIVIRALS
CombivirdrugId:1012 (lamivudine / zidovudine)drugId:1012 ANTIVIRALS #
Complera (emtricitabine / rilpivirine / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)drugId:2361 ANTIVIRALS
Crixivan (indinavir)drugId:791 ANTIVIRALS
CytovenedrugId:922 (ganciclovir injection)drugId:922 ANTIVIRALS #
Delstrigo (doravirine / lamivudine / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)drugId:6981 ANTIVIRALS PD
Denavir (penciclovir)drugId:1495 PA ANTIVIRALS
Descovy (emtricitabine / tenofovir alafenamide)drugId:5381 ANTIVIRALS PD
didanosinedrugId:517 ANTIVIRALS
Dovato (dolutegravir / lamivudine)drugId:7240 ANTIVIRALS PD
Edurant (rilpivirine)drugId:2284 ANTIVIRALS
Emtriva (emtricitabine)drugId:596 ANTIVIRALS BP
Epclusa (sofosbuvir / velpatasvir)drugId:5540 PA ANTIVIRALS PD
EpivirdrugId:2541 (lamivudine 10 mg/mL solution)drugId:2541 ANTIVIRALS #
EpivirdrugId:1009 (lamivudine 150 mg, 300 mg tablet)drugId:1009 ANTIVIRALS #
Epivir HBV (lamivudine 5 mg/mL solution)drugId:1011 PA > 20 mL/day ANTIVIRALS
Epivir HBVdrugId:1010 (lamivudine 100 mg tablet)drugId:1010 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIVIRALS #
EpzicomdrugId:138 (abacavir / lamivudine)drugId:138 ANTIVIRALS #
Evotaz (atazanavir / cobicistat)drugId:4768 ANTIVIRALS
FamvirdrugId:460 (famciclovir)drugId:460 ANTIVIRALS #
foscarnet ANTIVIRALS
Fuzeon (enfuvirtide)drugId:600 ANTIVIRALS
Genvoya (elvitegravir / cobicistat / emtricitabine / tenofovir alafenamide)drugId:5250 ANTIVIRALS PD
Harvoni (ledipasvir / sofosbuvir)drugId:4600 PA ANTIVIRALS PD
HepseradrugId:161 (adefovir)drugId:161 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIVIRALS #
Intelence (etravirine)drugId:447 ANTIVIRALS BP
Invirase (saquinavir)drugId:1832 ANTIVIRALS
Isentress (raltegravir)drugId:2701 ANTIVIRALS
Juluca (dolutegravir / rilpivirine)drugId:6781 ANTIVIRALS PD
KaletradrugId:1098 (lopinavir / ritonavir)drugId:1098 ANTIVIRALS #
Lexiva (fosamprenavir)drugId:908 ANTIVIRALS BP
Mavyret (glecaprevir / pibrentasvir)drugId:6360 PA ANTIVIRALS PD
Norvir (ritonavir packet, solution)drugId:6640 ANTIVIRALS
Norvir (ritonavir tablet)drugId:1446 ANTIVIRALS BP PD
Odefsey (emtricitabine / rilpivirine / tenofovir alafenamide)drugId:5389 ANTIVIRALS PD
Pegasys (peginterferon alfa-2a)drugId:2059 PA ANTIVIRALS
Pegintron (peginterferon alfa-2b)drugId:1490 PA ANTIVIRALS
Pifeltro (doravirine)drugId:6986 ANTIVIRALS PD
Prevymis (letermovir)drugId:6615 PA ANTIVIRALS
Prezcobix (darunavir / cobicistat)drugId:4792 ANTIVIRALS PD
Prezista (darunavir)drugId:330 ANTIVIRALS BP PD
Relenza (zanamivir)drugId:1818 PA < 5 years and PA > 20 inhalations/ claim and PA > 40 inhalations/ 365 days ANTIVIRALS
RetrovirdrugId:1820 (zidovudine)drugId:1820 ANTIVIRALS #
ReyatazdrugId:101 (atazanavir)drugId:101 ANTIVIRALS #
ribavirin 200 mg capsuledrugId:1652 PA ANTIVIRALS
ribavirin tabletdrugId:1651 ANTIVIRALS
rimantadine ANTIVIRALS
Rukobia (fostemsavir)drugId:7494 PA ANTIVIRALS PD
Selzentry (maraviroc solution)drugId:7577 PA ANTIVIRALS
Selzentry (maraviroc tablet)drugId:1119 PA ANTIVIRALS BP
Sitavig (acyclovir buccal tablet)drugId:2945 PA ANTIVIRALS
Sovaldi (sofosbuvir)drugId:2879 PA ANTIVIRALS
stavudinedrugId:1894 ANTIVIRALS
Stribild (elvitegravir / cobicistat / emtricitabine / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)drugId:2648 ANTIVIRALS
SustivadrugId:590 (efavirenz)drugId:590 ANTIVIRALS #
Sylatron (peginterferon alfa-2b-Sylatron) ANTIVIRALS
Symfi (efavirenz 600 mg / lamivudine 300 mg / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg)drugId:6782 PA ANTIVIRALS
Symfi Lo (efavirenz 400 mg / lamivudine 300 mg / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate 300 mg)drugId:6783 PA ANTIVIRALS
Symtuza (darunavir / cobicistat / emtricitabine / tenofovir alafenamide)drugId:6822 ANTIVIRALS PD
Synagis (palivizumab)drugId:1472 PA ANTIVIRALS
TamifludrugId:1303 (oseltamivir 30mg)drugId:1303 PA > 20 units/ claim and PA > 40 units/ 365 days ANTIVIRALS #
TamifludrugId:1305 (oseltamivir 45 mg and 75 mg)drugId:1305 PA > 10 units/ claim and PA > 20 units/ 365 days ANTIVIRALS #
TamifludrugId:2314 (oseltamivir suspension)drugId:2314 PA > 180 mL/ claim and PA > 360 mL/ 365 days ANTIVIRALS #
Temixys (lamivudine / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)drugId:7277 PA ANTIVIRALS
Tivicay (dolutegravir tablet)drugId:2852 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIVIRALS
Tivicay PD (dolutegravir tablet for oral suspension)drugId:7459 ANTIVIRALS
Triumeq (abacavir / dolutegravir / lamivudine)drugId:4642 ANTIVIRALS PD
TrizivirdrugId:139 (abacavir / lamivudine / zidovudine)drugId:139 ANTIVIRALS #
Trogarzo (ibalizumab-uiyk)drugId:6687 PA ANTIVIRALS
TruvadadrugId:597 (emtricitabine / tenofovir disoproxil fumarate)drugId:597 ANTIVIRALS #
Tybost (cobicistat)drugId:4816 ANTIVIRALS
Valcyte (valganciclovir solution) ANTIVIRALS #
Valcyte (valganciclovir tablet) ANTIVIRALS #
ValtrexdrugId:1778 (valacyclovir)drugId:1778 ANTIVIRALS #
Vemlidy (tenofovir alafenamide)drugId:5768 PA ANTIVIRALS
Veregen (sinecatechins)drugId:1856 PA ANTIVIRALS
Viekira Pak (ombitasvir / paritaprevir / ritonavir / dasabuvir)drugId:4740 PA ANTIVIRALS
Viracept (nelfinavir)drugId:1183 ANTIVIRALS
ViramunedrugId:1199 (nevirapine)drugId:1199 ANTIVIRALS #
Viramune XR (nevirapine extended-release)drugId:2295 PA ANTIVIRALS
Viread (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate powder)drugId:5821 PA ≥ 13 years ANTIVIRALS
VireaddrugId:1669 (tenofovir disoproxil fumarate tablet)drugId:1669 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIVIRALS #
Vistide (cidofovir) ANTIVIRALS #
Vocabria (cabotegravir)drugId:7722 ANTIVIRALS
Vosevi (sofosbuvir / velpatasvir / voxilaprevir)drugId:6364 PA ANTIVIRALS
Xofluza (baloxavir)drugId:6989 PA ANTIVIRALS
Zepatier (elbasvir / grazoprevir)drugId:5321 PA ANTIVIRALS
ZiagendrugId:137 (abacavir)drugId:137 ANTIVIRALS #
Zovirax (acyclovir cream)drugId:157 ANTIVIRALS BP
Zovirax (acyclovir suspension)drugId:7997 ANTIVIRALS BP
ZoviraxdrugId:156 (acyclovir ointment)drugId:156 ANTIVIRALS #
megestrol 40 mg/mL suspensiondrugId:1135 APPETITE STIMULANTS
megestrol 625 mg/5 mL suspensiondrugId:1136 PA APPETITE STIMULANTS
megestrol tablet APPETITE STIMULANTS
phenobarbitaldrugId:1516 BARBITURATES
Seconal (secobarbital)drugId:1837 BARBITURATES
Cardura XL (doxazosin extended-release)drugId:566 PA BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA AGENTS
Cialis (tadalafil-Cialis)drugId:2373 PA BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA AGENTS
FlomaxdrugId:1922 (tamsulosin)drugId:1922 BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA AGENTS #
Jalyn (dutasteride / tamsulosin)drugId:1960 PA BENIGN PROSTATIC HYPERPLASIA AGENTS
alprazolam orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:24 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
alprazolam powderdrugId:27 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
AtivandrugId:7662 (lorazepam injection)drugId:7662 BENZODIAZEPINES #
AtivandrugId:4400 (lorazepam solution, tablet)drugId:4400 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES #
Byfavo (remimazolam)drugId:7718 PA BENZODIAZEPINES ^
chlordiazepoxidedrugId:4361 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES
clonazepam 0.125 mg, 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:273 PA < 6 years and PA > 3 units/day BENZODIAZEPINES
clonazepam 2 mg orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:2909 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day BENZODIAZEPINES
clonazepam powderdrugId:7022 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
Diastat (diazepam rectal gel)drugId:503 PA > 5 kits (10 syringes) /month BENZODIAZEPINES BP
diazepam injectiondrugId:7663 BENZODIAZEPINES
diazepam powderdrugId:4382 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
diazepam solution, tabletdrugId:4381 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES
estazolamdrugId:634 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day BENZODIAZEPINES
flurazepamdrugId:885 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day BENZODIAZEPINES
HalciondrugId:1757 (triazolam)drugId:1757 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day BENZODIAZEPINES #
KlonopindrugId:274 (clonazepam tablet)drugId:274 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES #
lorazepam powderdrugId:1102 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
midazolam injectiondrugId:1354 BENZODIAZEPINES
midazolam powderdrugId:4422 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
midazolam syrupdrugId:4420 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES
Nayzilam (midazolam nasal spray)drugId:7288 PA > 10 units/month BENZODIAZEPINES
oxazepamdrugId:1310 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES
Restoril (temazepam 22.5 mg)drugId:1666 PA BENZODIAZEPINES
RestorildrugId:1665 (temazepam 7.5 mg, 15 mg, 30 mg)drugId:1665 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day BENZODIAZEPINES #
TranxenedrugId:4380 (clorazepate)drugId:4380 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES #
Valtoco (diazepam nasal spray)drugId:7384 PA > 10 units/month BENZODIAZEPINES
XanaxdrugId:25 (alprazolam)drugId:25 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES #
Xanax XRdrugId:26 (alprazolam extended-release)drugId:26 PA < 6 years and PA > 2 units/day BENZODIAZEPINES #
ActigalldrugId:1774 (ursodiol 300 mg capsule)drugId:1774 BILE THERAPY #
chenodioldrugId:1956 PA BILE THERAPY
Cholbam (cholic acid)drugId:4907 PA BILE THERAPY
Ocaliva (obeticholic acid)drugId:5589 PA BILE THERAPY
UrsodrugId:1775 (ursodiol 250 mg tablet)drugId:1775 BILE THERAPY #
ursodiol 200 mg, 400 mg capsuledrugId:7886 PA BILE THERAPY
Urso FortedrugId:1776 (ursodiol 500 mg tablet)drugId:1776 BILE THERAPY #
Acthib (haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-Acthib)drugId:693 BIOLOGICAL 1
Adacel (tetanus toxoids / diphtheria / acellular pertussis vaccine)drugId:539 BIOLOGICAL 1
adenovirus live vaccine delayed-release oral tabletsdrugId:2837 BIOLOGICAL
Afluria (influenza virus vaccine-Afluria)drugId:2046 BIOLOGICAL 1
Aimovig (erenumab-aooe)drugId:6661 PA BIOLOGICAL
Ajovy (fremanezumab-vfrm for migraine prophylaxis)drugId:7000 PA BIOLOGICAL PD
Amondys 45 (casimersen)drugId:7878 PA BIOLOGICAL
Arcalyst (rilonacept)drugId:1434 PA BIOLOGICAL
Asceniv (immune globulin IV, human-slra)drugId:7327 PA BIOLOGICAL
Atgam (antithymocyte globulin, equine)drugId:1112 BIOLOGICAL
BCG Vaccine (BCG live vaccine)drugId:5180 BIOLOGICAL
Benlysta (belimumab)drugId:2238 PA BIOLOGICAL
Bexsero (meningococcal group B vaccine-Bexsero)drugId:4905 BIOLOGICAL 1
Bivigam (immune globulin IV, human-Bivigam)drugId:2817 PA BIOLOGICAL
Boostrix (tetanus toxoids / diphtheria / acellular pertussis vaccine)drugId:540 BIOLOGICAL 1
Botox (onabotulinumtoxinA)drugId:1290 PA BIOLOGICAL
Cablivi (caplacizumab-yhdp)drugId:7180 PA BIOLOGICAL
Cinqair (reslizumab)drugId:5586 PA BIOLOGICAL
Crysvita (burosumab-twza)drugId:6740 PA BIOLOGICAL
Cutaquig (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human-hipp)drugId:7131 PA BIOLOGICAL
Cuvitru (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human-Cuvitru)drugId:5720 PA BIOLOGICAL
Cytogam (cytomegalovirus immune globulin IV, human)drugId:318 BIOLOGICAL
Daptacel (diphtheria / tetanus toxoids / acellular pertussis vaccine)drugId:536 BIOLOGICAL 1
Dupixent (dupilumab)drugId:6101 PA BIOLOGICAL
Dysport (abobotulinumtoxinA)drugId:141 PA BIOLOGICAL
Emgality (galcanezumab-gnlm for cluster headache)drugId:7385 PA BIOLOGICAL PD
Emgality (galcanezumab-gnlm for migraine prophylaxis)drugId:7003 PA BIOLOGICAL
Empaveli (pegcetacoplan)drugId:7919 PA BIOLOGICAL
Engerix-B (hepatitis B recombinant vaccine)drugId:2579 BIOLOGICAL 1
Enspryng (satralizumab-mwge)drugId:7525 PA BIOLOGICAL
Evenity (romosozumab-aqqg)drugId:7221 PA BIOLOGICAL
Evrysdi (risdiplam)drugId:7524 PA BIOLOGICAL
Exondys 51 (eteplirsen)drugId:5721 PA BIOLOGICAL
Fasenra (benralizumab)drugId:6520 PA BIOLOGICAL
Flebogamma (immune globulin IV, human-Flebogamma)drugId:786 PA BIOLOGICAL
Fluad (influenza virus vaccine, adjuvanted)drugId:5386 PA < 65 years BIOLOGICAL 1
Fluarix (influenza virus vaccine-Fluarix)drugId:796 BIOLOGICAL 1
Flublok (influenza virus vaccine-Flublok)drugId:2863 BIOLOGICAL 1
Flucelvax (influenza virus vaccine-Flucelvax)drugId:2652 BIOLOGICAL 1
Flulaval (influenza virus vaccine-Flulaval)drugId:795 BIOLOGICAL 1
Flumist (influenza virus vaccine-Flumist)drugId:800 BIOLOGICAL 1
Fluzone (influenza virus vaccine, high dose)drugId:798 PA < 65 years  BIOLOGICAL 1
Fluzone (influenza virus vaccine-Fluzone)drugId:797 BIOLOGICAL 1
Gamastan S/D (immune globulin IM, human-Gamastan S/D)drugId:2683 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gamifant (emapalumab-lzsg)drugId:7223 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gammagard (immune globulin injection, human-Gammagard)drugId:2198 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gammagard S/D (immune globulin IV, human-Gammagard S/D)drugId:787 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gammaked (immune globulin injection, human-Gammaked)drugId:2641 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gammaplex (immune globulin IV, human-Gammaplex)drugId:2381 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gamunex-C (immune globulin injection, human-Gamunex-C)drugId:2167 PA BIOLOGICAL
Gardasil 9 (human papillomavirus 9-valent vaccine)drugId:4770 PA < 9 years and PA ≥ 46 years BIOLOGICAL 1
Havrix (hepatitis A vaccine, inactivated - Havrix)drugId:2578 BIOLOGICAL 1
Hepagam B (hepatitis B immune globulin IV, human-Hepagam B)drugId:2685 BIOLOGICAL
Heplisav-B (hepatitis B recombinant vaccine, adjuvanted)drugId:6403 BIOLOGICAL 1
Hiberix (haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-Hiberix)drugId:5624 BIOLOGICAL 1
Hizentra (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human-Hizentra)drugId:1940 PA BIOLOGICAL
Hyperhep B (hepatitis B immune globulin IM, human-Hyperhep B)drugId:706 BIOLOGICAL
Hyperrab (rabies immune globulin IM, human-Hyperrab)drugId:1625 BIOLOGICAL
Hyperrho (rho(d) immune globulin IM, human-Hyperrho)drugId:1647 BIOLOGICAL
Hypertet (tetanus immune globulin IM, human)drugId:1687 BIOLOGICAL
Hyqvia (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human / hyaluronidase human recombinant)drugId:4626 PA BIOLOGICAL
Imcivree (setmelanotide)drugId:7724 PA BIOLOGICAL
Imogam Rabies-HT (rabies immune globulin IM, human-Imogam Rabies-HT)drugId:1626 BIOLOGICAL
Imovax Rabies (rabies virus vaccine-Imovax Rabies)drugId:1627 BIOLOGICAL
Infanrix (diphtheria / tetanus toxoids / acellular pertussis vaccine)drugId:537 BIOLOGICAL 1
Ipol (poliovirus vaccine, inactivated)drugId:1546 BIOLOGICAL 1
Ixiaro (japanese encephalitis vaccine)drugId:2044 BIOLOGICAL
Kedrab (rabies immune globulin IM, human-Kedrab)drugId:6741 BIOLOGICAL
Kinrix (diphtheria / tetanus toxoids / acellular pertussis / poliovirus, inactivated vaccine)drugId:535 BIOLOGICAL 1
Menactra (quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine-Menactra)drugId:1140 BIOLOGICAL 1
Menquadfi (quadrivalent meningococcal conjugate vaccine-Menquadfi)drugId:7468 BIOLOGICAL 1
Menveo (quadrivalent meningococcal quadrivalent vaccine-Menveo)drugId:1141 BIOLOGICAL 1
Micrhogam (rho(d) immune globulin IM, human-Micrhogam)drugId:2746 BIOLOGICAL
M-M-R II Vaccine (measles / mumps / rubella vaccine)drugId:1121 BIOLOGICAL 1
Myobloc (rimabotulinumtoxinB)drugId:1436 PA BIOLOGICAL
Nabi-HB (hepatitis B immune globulin IM, human-Nabi-HB)drugId:707 BIOLOGICAL
Nucala (mepolizumab)drugId:5282 PA BIOLOGICAL
Nurtec (rimegepant)drugId:7394 PA BIOLOGICAL
Octagam (immune globulin IV, human-Octagam)drugId:2684 PA BIOLOGICAL
Panzyga (immune globulin IV, human-ifas)drugId:7104 PA BIOLOGICAL
Pediarix (diphtheria / tetanus toxoids / acellular pertussis / hepatitis B, recombinant / poliovirus, inactivated vaccine)drugId:700 BIOLOGICAL 1
Pedvaxhib (haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-Pedvaxhib)drugId:694 BIOLOGICAL 1
Pentacel (diphtheria / tetanus / acellular pertussis / poliovirus inactivated / haemophilus B conjugate vaccine)drugId:581 BIOLOGICAL 1
Pneumovax (pneumococcal 23-valent polysaccharide vaccine)drugId:1544 BIOLOGICAL 1
Prevnar 13 (pneumococcal 13-valent conjugate vaccine)drugId:1542 BIOLOGICAL 1
Privigen (immune globulin IV, human-Privigen)drugId:2197 PA BIOLOGICAL
Prolia (denosumab-Prolia)drugId:1967 PA BIOLOGICAL
Proquad (measles / mumps / rubella / varicella virus vaccine)drugId:1122 BIOLOGICAL 1
Rabavert (rabies virus vaccine-Rabavert)drugId:1628 BIOLOGICAL
Recombivax HB (hepatitis B recombinant vaccine)drugId:708 BIOLOGICAL 1
Rhogam (rho(d) immune globulin IM, human-Rhogam)drugId:2747 BIOLOGICAL
Rhophylac (rho(d) immune globulin IV, human-Rhophylac)drugId:1648 BIOLOGICAL
Rotarix (rotavirus vaccine, live, oral)drugId:1823 BIOLOGICAL 1
Rotateq (rotavirus vaccine, live, oral, pentavalent)drugId:1824 BIOLOGICAL 1
diphtheria / tetanus toxoids vaccinedrugId:7777 BIOLOGICALS 1
Shingrix (zoster vaccine recombinant, adjuvanted)drugId:6407 PA < 50 years BIOLOGICAL
Simulect (basiliximab)drugId:2382 BIOLOGICAL
Soliris (eculizumab)drugId:589 PA BIOLOGICAL
Spinraza (nusinersen)drugId:6020 PA BIOLOGICAL
Prevnar 20 (pneumococcal 20-valent conjugate vaccine)drugId:7924 BIOLOGICALS
Stamaril (yellow fever vaccine, live)drugId:6106 BIOLOGICAL
Sylvant (siltuximab)drugId:4540 PA BIOLOGICAL
Takhzyro (lanadelumab-flyo)drugId:7008 PA BIOLOGICAL
Tenivac (tetanus toxoid vaccine/diphtheria)drugId:1686 BIOLOGICAL 1
Tepezza (teprotumumab-trbw)drugId:7461 PA BIOLOGICAL
Thymoglobulin (antithymocyte globulin, rabbit)drugId:1111 BIOLOGICAL
Trumenba (meningococcal group B vaccine-Trumenba)drugId:4815 BIOLOGICAL 1
Twinrix (hepatitis A, inactivated / hepatitis B recombinant)drugId:2627 BIOLOGICAL 1
Typhim VI (typhoid vaccine injection)drugId:1771 BIOLOGICAL
Ubrelvy (ubrogepant)drugId:7383 PA BIOLOGICAL
Ultomiris (ravulizumab-cwvz)drugId:7046 PA BIOLOGICAL
Uplizna (inebilizumab-cdon)drugId:7570 PA BIOLOGICAL
Vaqta (hepatitis A vaccine, inactivated-Vaqta)drugId:705 BIOLOGICAL 1
Varivax (varicella virus vaccine)drugId:1790 BIOLOGICAL 1
Varizig (varicella zoster immune globulin, human)drugId:2855 BIOLOGICAL
Vaxchora (cholera vaccine, live, oral)drugId:5594 BIOLOGICAL
Vaxelis (diphtheria / tetanus / acellular pertussis / poliovirus inactivated / haemophilus B conjugate / hepatitis B vaccine)drugId:7571 BIOLOGICAL
Vaxneuvance (pneumococcal 15-valent conjugate vaccine)drugId:7983 BIOLOGICAL
Viltepso (viltolarsen)drugId:7602 PA BIOLOGICAL
Vivotif Berna (typhoid vaccine capsule)drugId:2628 BIOLOGICAL
Vyepti (eptinezumab-jjmr)drugId:7460 PA BIOLOGICAL ^
Vyondys 53 (golodirsen)drugId:7496 PA BIOLOGICAL
Winrho SDF (rho(d) immune globulin IV, human-Winrho SDF)drugId:1650 BIOLOGICAL
Xembify (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human-klhw)drugId:7336 PA BIOLOGICAL
Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA)drugId:2087 PA BIOLOGICAL
Xgeva (denosumab-Xgeva)drugId:2180 PA BIOLOGICAL
Xolair (omalizumab)drugId:1287 PA BIOLOGICAL
YF-Vax (yellow fever vaccine)drugId:1815 BIOLOGICAL
Zinplava (bezlotoxumab)drugId:5771 PA BIOLOGICAL
Accolate (zafirlukast)drugId:1816 PA BRONCHODILATORS
AccunebdrugId:168 (albuterol inhalation solution)drugId:168 BRONCHODILATORS #
Advair (fluticasone / salmeterol inhalation aerosol)drugId:897 BRONCHODILATORS
Advair (fluticasone / salmeterol inhalation powder-Advair)drugId:896 BRONCHODILATORS BP
Airduo Digihaler (fluticasone / salmeterol inhalation powder-Airduo Digihaler)drugId:7485 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Airduo Respiclick (fluticasone / salmeterol inhalation powder-Airduo Respiclick)drugId:6120 PA BRONCHODILATORS
albuterol / ipratropium inhalation solutiondrugId:835 BRONCHODILATORS
albuterol syrup, tabletdrugId:2193 BRONCHODILATORS
Alvesco (ciclesonide inhaler)drugId:230 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Anoro (umeclidinium / vilanterol)drugId:2952 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Armonair Digihaler (fluticasone propionate inhalation powder-Armonair Digihaler)drugId:7486 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Arnuity (fluticasone furoate inhalation powder)drugId:4760 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Asmanex HFA (mometasone inhalation aerosol)drugId:5102 BRONCHODILATORS
Asmanex Twisthaler (mometasone 110 mcg inhalation powder)drugId:2663 PA ≥ 12 years BRONCHODILATORS
Asmanex Twisthaler (mometasone 220 mcg inhalation powder)drugId:1379 PA < 12 years BRONCHODILATORS
Atrovent HFA (ipratropium inhalation aerosol)drugId:833 BRONCHODILATORS
Bevespi (glycopyrrolate / formoterol)drugId:5700 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Breo (fluticasone / vilanterol)drugId:2860 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Breztri (budesonide / glycopyrrolate / formoterol)drugId:7487 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Brovana (arformoterol)drugId:88 PA BRONCHODILATORS BP
Cafcit (caffeine) BRONCHODILATORS #
Combivent (albuterol / ipratropium inhalation spray)drugId:2557 BRONCHODILATORS
cromolyn inhalationdrugId:298 BRONCHODILATORS
Duaklir (aclidinium / formoterol)drugId:7330 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Dulera (mometasone / formoterol)drugId:1958 BRONCHODILATORS BP
Flovent (fluticasone propionate inhalation aerosol)drugId:7940 BRONCHODILATORS BP
Flovent (fluticasone propionate inhalation powder)drugId:893 BRONCHODILATORS
Gastrocrom (cromolyn oral) BRONCHODILATORS #
Incruse (umeclidinium)drugId:4774 BRONCHODILATORS
ipratropium inhalation solution BRONCHODILATORS
Lonhala (glycopyrrolate inhalation solution)drugId:6742 PA BRONCHODILATORS
metaproterenol tablet, syrupdrugId:2196 BRONCHODILATORS
Perforomist (formoterol)drugId:906 PA BRONCHODILATORS BP
Proair Digihaler (albuterol inhalation powder-Proair Digihaler)drugId:7352 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Proair HFA (albuterol inhaler-Proair HFA)drugId:1 BRONCHODILATORS BP
Proair Respiclick (albuterol inhalation powder-Proair Respiclick)drugId:5109 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Proventil (albuterol inhaler-Proventil)drugId:2 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Pulmicort (budesonide inhalation powder)drugId:380 BRONCHODILATORS
PulmicortdrugId:381 (budesonide inhalation suspension)drugId:381 PA ≥ 13 years BRONCHODILATORS #
Qvar Redihaler (beclomethasone inhaler)drugId:6580 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Serevent (salmeterol)drugId:1829 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Singulair (montelukast granules)drugId:5129 PA BRONCHODILATORS
SingulairdrugId:1383 (montelukast tablet, chewable tablet)drugId:1383 BRONCHODILATORS #
Spiriva (tiotropium)drugId:1708 BRONCHODILATORS
Stiolto (tiotropium / olodaterol)drugId:5112 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Striverdi (olodaterol)drugId:4641 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Symbicort (budesonide / formoterol)drugId:383 BRONCHODILATORS BP
theophyllinedrugId:1691 BRONCHODILATORS
Trelegy (fluticasone furoate / umeclidinium / vilanterol)drugId:6408 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Tudorza (aclidinium)drugId:2649 BRONCHODILATORS
Ventolin (albuterol inhaler-Ventolin)drugId:3 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Xopenex (levalbuterol inhalation solution)drugId:1036 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Xopenex HFA (levalbuterol inhaler)drugId:1035 BRONCHODILATORS BP
Yupelri (revefenacin)drugId:7051 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Zyflo (zileuton)drugId:2337 PA BRONCHODILATORS
Parsabiv (etelcalcetide) CALCIMIMETIC ^
Sensipar (cinacalcet) CALCIMIMETIC #
Caduet (amlodipine / atorvastatin)drugId:42 PA CARDIOVASCULAR/STATIN
AccuprildrugId:1620 (quinapril)drugId:1620 CARDIOVASCULAR #
AccureticdrugId:1621 (quinapril / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1621 CARDIOVASCULAR #
acebutololdrugId:144 CARDIOVASCULAR
acetazolamidedrugId:147 CARDIOVASCULAR
AdalatdrugId:1213 (nifedipine tablet)drugId:1213 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Adcirca (tadalafil-Adcirca)drugId:1920 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Adempas (riociguat)drugId:2883 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
AldactazidedrugId:1893 (spironolactone / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1893 CARDIOVASCULAR #
AltacedrugId:2588 (ramipril)drugId:2588 CARDIOVASCULAR #
amiloridedrugId:33 CARDIOVASCULAR
amiloride / hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:34 CARDIOVASCULAR
amiodaronedrugId:37 CARDIOVASCULAR
Asclera (polidocanol)drugId:2934 PA CARDIOVASCULAR ^
Atacand (candesartan)drugId:433 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Atacand HCT (candesartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:434 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
AvalidedrugId:969 (irbesartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:969 CARDIOVASCULAR #
AvaprodrugId:968 (irbesartan)drugId:968 CARDIOVASCULAR #
AzordrugId:46 (amlodipine / olmesartan)drugId:46 CARDIOVASCULAR #
BenicardrugId:1281 (olmesartan)drugId:1281 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Benicar HCTdrugId:1282 (olmesartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1282 CARDIOVASCULAR #
BetapacedrugId:1891 (sotalol tablet)drugId:1891 CARDIOVASCULAR #
betaxolol tabletdrugId:358 CARDIOVASCULAR
Bidil (isosorbide dinitrate / hydralazine)drugId:982 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
bisoprololdrugId:368 CARDIOVASCULAR
BreviblocdrugId:631 (esmolol)drugId:631 CARDIOVASCULAR #
bumetanidedrugId:384 CARDIOVASCULAR
Bystolic (nebivolol)drugId:1179 CARDIOVASCULAR BP
CalandrugId:1800 (verapamil tablet)drugId:1800 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Calan SRdrugId:2742 (verapamil sustained-release)drugId:2742 CARDIOVASCULAR #
captopril / hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:438 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
captoprildrugId:437 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
CardizemdrugId:528 (diltiazem-Cardizem)drugId:528 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Cardizem CD (diltiazem 360 mg-Cardizem CD)drugId:2299 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Cardizem CDdrugId:531 (diltiazem 120 mg, 180 mg, 240 mg, 300 mg-Cardizem CD)drugId:531 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Cardizem LAdrugId:529 (diltiazem extended-release tablet)drugId:529 CARDIOVASCULAR #
CarduradrugId:5163 (doxazosin immediate-release)drugId:5163 CARDIOVASCULAR #
CatapresdrugId:5161 (clonidine tablet)drugId:5161 PA < 3 years CARDIOVASCULAR #
Catapres-TTS (clonidine patch)drugId:2194 PA CARDIOVASCULAR BP
chlorthalidonedrugId:225 CARDIOVASCULAR
Cleviprex (clevidipine)drugId:2896 CARDIOVASCULAR
clonidine powderdrugId:6371 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
CoregdrugId:185 (carvedilol)drugId:185 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Coreg CR (carvedilol extended-release)drugId:186 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
CorgarddrugId:1416 (nadolol)drugId:1416 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Corlanor (ivabradine)drugId:5124 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
CozaardrugId:1103 (losartan)drugId:1103 CARDIOVASCULAR #
DemadexdrugId:1732 (torsemide)drugId:1732 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Demser (metyrosine) CARDIOVASCULAR BP
Dilatrate-SR (isosorbide dinitrate extended-release capsule)drugId:977 CARDIOVASCULAR
DiovandrugId:1785 (valsartan)drugId:1785 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Diovan HCTdrugId:1786 (valsartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1786 CARDIOVASCULAR #
DiurildrugId:221 (chlorothiazide)drugId:221 CARDIOVASCULAR #
DyazidedrugId:1755 (hydrochlorothiazide / triamterene)drugId:1755 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Edarbi (azilsartan)drugId:2240 CARDIOVASCULAR
Edarbyclor (azilsartan / chlorthalidone)drugId:2480 CARDIOVASCULAR
Edecrin (ethacrynic acid tablet)drugId:664 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Entresto (sacubitril / valsartan)drugId:5125 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Epaned (enalapril solution)drugId:2858 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
eprosartandrugId:613 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
ExforgedrugId:48 (amlodipine / valsartan)drugId:48 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Exforge HCTdrugId:50 (amlodipine / valsartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:50 CARDIOVASCULAR #
felodipine extended-releasedrugId:466 CARDIOVASCULAR
flecainidedrugId:859 CARDIOVASCULAR
FlolandrugId:612 (epoprostenol-Flolan)drugId:612 CARDIOVASCULAR #
fosinoprildrugId:912 CARDIOVASCULAR
fosinopril / hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:913 CARDIOVASCULAR
Gonitro (nitroglycerin sublingual powder)drugId:5722 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
guanfacinedrugId:5162 PA < 3 years CARDIOVASCULAR
Hemangeol (propranolol solution)drugId:2959 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
hydralazinedrugId:715 CARDIOVASCULAR
hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:716 CARDIOVASCULAR
HyzaardrugId:1104 (losartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1104 CARDIOVASCULAR #
indapamidedrugId:790 CARDIOVASCULAR
Inderal LAdrugId:1601 (propranolol extended-release)drugId:1601 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Inderal XL (propranolol long-acting capsule)drugId:6562 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Innopran XL (propranolol long-acting capsule)drugId:1602 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Isordil (isosorbide dinitrate 40 mg tablet)drugId:978 PA CARDIOVASCULAR BP
IsordildrugId:6290 (isosorbide dinitrate 5 mg, 10 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg tablet)drugId:6290 CARDIOVASCULAR #
isosorbide dinitrate extended-release tabletdrugId:6760 CARDIOVASCULAR
isosorbide mononitratedrugId:979 CARDIOVASCULAR
isradipine immediate-releasedrugId:987 CARDIOVASCULAR
Kapspargo (metoprolol extended-release capsule)drugId:7135 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Katerzia (amlodipine suspension)drugId:7260 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
labetaloldrugId:1001 CARDIOVASCULAR
Lanoxin (digoxin) CARDIOVASCULAR #
LasixdrugId:916 (furosemide)drugId:916 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Letairis (ambrisentan)drugId:30 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
LopressordrugId:1338 (metoprolol)drugId:1338 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Lopressor HCTdrugId:1339 (metoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1339 CARDIOVASCULAR #
LotensindrugId:132 (benazepril)drugId:132 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Lotensin HCTdrugId:133 (benazepril / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:133 CARDIOVASCULAR #
LotreldrugId:44 (amlodipine / benazepril)drugId:44 CARDIOVASCULAR #
MaxzidedrugId:1756 (hydrochlorothiazide / triamterene)drugId:1756 CARDIOVASCULAR #
methyldopadrugId:950 CARDIOVASCULAR
methyldopa / hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:951 CARDIOVASCULAR
metolazonedrugId:1335 CARDIOVASCULAR
mexiletinedrugId:1350 CARDIOVASCULAR
MicardisdrugId:1660 (telmisartan)drugId:1660 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Micardis HCTdrugId:1663 (telmisartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1663 CARDIOVASCULAR #
MinipressdrugId:5164 (prazosin)drugId:5164 CARDIOVASCULAR #
minoxidildrugId:1365 CARDIOVASCULAR
moexiprildrugId:1375 CARDIOVASCULAR
Multaq (dronedarone) CARDIOVASCULAR
nadolol / bendroflumethiazidedrugId:1418 CARDIOVASCULAR
Neptazane (methazolamide) CARDIOVASCULAR #
nicardipinedrugId:1207 CARDIOVASCULAR
nimodipine capsuledrugId:2208 PA > 21 days treatment/365 days CARDIOVASCULAR
Nitro-BiddrugId:1227 (nitroglycerin 2% ointment)drugId:1227 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Nitro-DurdrugId:1228 (nitroglycerin patch)drugId:1228 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Nitrolingual (nitroglycerin lingual spray)drugId:1229 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Nitromist (nitroglycerin lingual aerosol)drugId:5134 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
NitrostatdrugId:1230 (nitroglycerin sublingual tablet)drugId:1230 CARDIOVASCULAR #
NorpacedrugId:546 (disopyramide immediate-release)drugId:546 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Norpace CR (disopyramide controlled-release)drugId:548 CARDIOVASCULAR
NorvascdrugId:41 (amlodipine)drugId:41 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Nymalize (nimodipine oral solution)drugId:2847 PA > 21 days treatment/365 days CARDIOVASCULAR
Opsumit (macitentan)drugId:2892 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Orenitram (treprostinil tablet)drugId:2940 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
pentoxifylline CARDIOVASCULAR
perindoprildrugId:1509 CARDIOVASCULAR
phenoxybenzaminedrugId:5123 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
pindololdrugId:1533 CARDIOVASCULAR
PrinivildrugId:1087 (lisinopril)drugId:1087 CARDIOVASCULAR #
ProcardiadrugId:2064 (nifedipine capsule)drugId:2064 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Procardia XLdrugId:1215 (nifedipine extended-release)drugId:1215 CARDIOVASCULAR #
propafenone immediate-releasedrugId:1594 CARDIOVASCULAR
propranolol / hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:1603 CARDIOVASCULAR
propranolol immediate-releasedrugId:1600 CARDIOVASCULAR
Qbrelis (lisinopril solution)drugId:5592 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
quinidine gluconate extended-releasedrugId:7601 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
quinidine sulfatedrugId:1622 CARDIOVASCULAR
Ranexa (ranolazine)drugId:1639 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Remodulin (treprostinil injection)drugId:1745 PA CARDIOVASCULAR BP
Revatio (sildenafil 20 mg tablet)drugId:1848 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Revatio (sildenafil oral suspension)drugId:4793 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Rythmol SRdrugId:7637 (propafenone extended-release)drugId:7637 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Sotradecol (tetradecyl sulfate injection)drugId:2495 PA CARDIOVASCULAR ^
Sotylize (sotalol solution)drugId:4913 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Sular (nisoldipine)drugId:1219 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Tarka (trandolapril / verapamil)drugId:4812 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Tekturna (aliskiren)drugId:13 PA CARDIOVASCULAR BP
Tekturna HCT (aliskiren / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:14 CARDIOVASCULAR
TenoreticdrugId:103 (atenolol / chlorthalidone)drugId:103 CARDIOVASCULAR #
TenormindrugId:102 (atenolol)drugId:102 CARDIOVASCULAR #
terazosindrugId:5165 CARDIOVASCULAR
Tiazac ERdrugId:533 (diltiazem-Tiazac ER)drugId:533 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Tikosyn (dofetilide) CARDIOVASCULAR #
timolol tabletdrugId:5020 CARDIOVASCULAR
Toprol XLdrugId:1337 (metoprolol extended-release tablet)drugId:1337 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Tracleer (bosentan)drugId:372 PA CARDIOVASCULAR BP
trandolaprildrugId:1738 CARDIOVASCULAR
triamterenedrugId:5247 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Tribenzor (amlodipine / olmesartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1969 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Twynsta (amlodipine / telmisartan)drugId:1661 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Tyvaso (treprostinil inhalation solution)drugId:1746 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Uptravi (selexipag)drugId:5401 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
VasereticdrugId:599 (enalapril / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:599 CARDIOVASCULAR #
VasotecdrugId:598 (enalapril)drugId:598 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Vecamyl (mecamylamine)drugId:2824 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Veletri (epoprostenol-Veletri)drugId:2098 PA CARDIOVASCULAR BP
Ventavis (iloprost)drugId:778 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
VerelandrugId:1799 (verapamil capsule)drugId:1799 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Verelan PMdrugId:2743 (verapamil extended-release)drugId:2743 CARDIOVASCULAR #
Verquvo (vericiguat)drugId:7800 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
ZestoreticdrugId:1090 (lisinopril / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1090 CARDIOVASCULAR #
ZestrildrugId:1088 (lisinopril)drugId:1088 CARDIOVASCULAR #
ZiacdrugId:369 (bisoprolol / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:369 CARDIOVASCULAR #
AdderalldrugId:3100 (amphetamine salts)drugId:3100 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS #
Adderall XR (amphetamine salts extended-release-Adderall XR)drugId:59 PA < 3 years and PA > 2 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS BP PD
Adhansia XR (methylphenidate extended-release-Adhansia XR)drugId:7232 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Adzenys ER (amphetamine extended-release 1.25 mg/mL oral suspension)drugId:6600 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Adzenys XR-ODT (amphetamine extended-release orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:5360 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
amphetamine sulfatedrugId:4901 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Aptensio XR (methylphenidate extended-release-Aptensio XR)drugId:5100 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Azstarys (serdexmethylphenidate / dexmethylphenidate)drugId:7978 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Concerta (methylphenidate extended-release-Concerta)drugId:2662 PA < 3 years and PA > 2 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS BP
Cotempla XR-ODT (methylphenidate extended-release orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:6281 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Daytrana (methylphenidate transdermal)drugId:955 PA < 3 years and PA > 1 unit/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Desoxyn (methamphetamine)drugId:1165 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Dexedrine SpansuledrugId:500 (dextroamphetamine 5 mg, 10 mg, 15 mg capsule)drugId:500 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS #
dextroamphetamine 2.5 mg, 7.5 mg, 15 mg, 20 mg, 30 mg tabletdrugId:3121 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
dextroamphetamine 5 mg, 10 mg tabletdrugId:3120 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
dextroamphetamine solutiondrugId:501 PA < 3 years and PA > 40 mL/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Drizalma (duloxetine sprinkle capsule)drugId:7347 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Dyanavel XR (amphetamine extended-release 2.5 mg/mL oral suspension)drugId:5383 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Evekeo ODT (amphetamine sulfate orally disintegrating tablet)drugId:7236 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
FocalindrugId:497 (dexmethylphenidate)drugId:497 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS #
Focalin XR (dexmethylphenidate extended-release)drugId:3020 PA < 3 years and PA > 2 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS BP PD
Jornay PM (methylphenidate extended-release-Jornay PM)drugId:7238 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Methylin oral solutiondrugId:960 (methylphenidate oral solution)drugId:960 PA < 3 years and PA > 30 mL/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS #
methylphenidate chewable tabletdrugId:959 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
methylphenidate extended-release, CDdrugId:957 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
methylphenidate extended-release 72 mg tabletdrugId:6610 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
methylphenidate powderdrugId:3180 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
methylphenidate sustained-release tabletdrugId:963 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Mydayis (amphetamine salts extended-release-Mydayis)drugId:6285 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Quillichew ER (methylphenidate extended-release chewable tablet)drugId:5391 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Quillivant XR (methylphenidate extended-release oral suspension)drugId:3042 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
RitalindrugId:961 (methylphenidate-Ritalin)drugId:961 PA < 3 years and PA > 3 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS #
Ritalin LA (methylphenidate-Ritalin LA)drugId:2421 PA CEREBRAL STIMULANTS
Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine)drugId:1086 PA < 3 years and PA > 2 units/day CEREBRAL STIMULANTS PD
Chemet (succimer) CHELATING AGENT
Cuprimine (penicillamine capsule) CHELATING AGENT BP
Depen (penicillamine tablet) CHELATING AGENT #
DesferaldrugId:334 (deferoxamine)drugId:334 CHELATING AGENT #
Lokelma (sodium zirconium cyclosilicate)drugId:6905 PA > 30 units/month CHELATING AGENT
sodium polystyrene sulfonatedrugId:1874 CHELATING AGENT
Syprine (trientine) CHELATING AGENT BP
Thiola (tiopronin) CHELATING AGENT BP
Veltassa (patiromer)drugId:5320 PA > 30 units/month CHELATING AGENT
Abecma (idecabtagene vicleucel)drugId:7877 PA CHEMOTHERAPY CO ^
Abraxane (paclitaxel injectable suspension)drugId:1468 CHEMOTHERAPY
Actimmune (interferon gamma-1b)drugId:829 CHEMOTHERAPY
Adcetris (brentuximab)drugId:2374 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
AdriamycindrugId:571 (doxorubicin)drugId:571 CHEMOTHERAPY #
AdrucildrugId:875 (fluorouracil injection)drugId:875 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Afinitor (everolimus 2.5 mg, 5 mg, 7.5 mg, 10 mg)drugId:1954 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Afinitor Disperz (everolimus tablets for oral suspension)drugId:2795 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Alecensa (alectinib)drugId:5221 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Alimta (pemetrexed)drugId:1492 CHEMOTHERAPY
Aliqopa (copanlisib)drugId:6500 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
AlkerandrugId:1138 (melphalan hydrochloride injection)drugId:1138 CHEMOTHERAPY #
AlkerandrugId:5504 (melphalan tablet)drugId:5504 CHEMOTHERAPY #
AloprimdrugId:7545 (allopurinol sodium)drugId:7545 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Alunbrig (brigatinib)drugId:6180 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Ameluz (aminolevulinic acid) CHEMOTHERAPY ^
ArimidexdrugId:69 (anastrozole)drugId:69 CHEMOTHERAPY #
AromasindrugId:450 (exemestane)drugId:450 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Arranon (nelarabine)drugId:1182 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Arzerra (ofatumumab vial)drugId:1270 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Asparlas (calaspargase pegol-mknl)drugId:7328 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Avastin (bevacizumab)drugId:360 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Ayvakit (avapritinib)drugId:7360 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Azedra (iobenguane I 131)drugId:6980 CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Balversa (erdafitinib)drugId:7129 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Bavencio (avelumab)drugId:6100 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
BCG live, intravesicaldrugId:127 CHEMOTHERAPY
Beleodaq (belinostat)drugId:4621 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Belrapzo (bendamustine)drugId:7130 CHEMOTHERAPY
bendamustinedrugId:6842 CHEMOTHERAPY
Bendeka (bendamustine)drugId:5380 CHEMOTHERAPY
Besponsa (inotuzumab ozogamicin)drugId:6341 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
BicnudrugId:183 (carmustine)drugId:183 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Blenrep (belantamab mafodotin-blmf)drugId:7657 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
bleomycindrugId:370 CHEMOTHERAPY
Blincyto (blinatumomab)drugId:4763 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
bortezomibdrugId:6482 CHEMOTHERAPY
Bosulif (bosutinib)drugId:2639 PA CHEMOTHERAPY PD
Braftovi (encorafenib)drugId:6800 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Breyanzi (lisocabtagene maraleucel)drugId:7778 PA CHEMOTHERAPY CO ^
Brukinsa (zanubrutinib)drugId:7345 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
BusulfexdrugId:2537 (busulfan injection)drugId:2537 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Cabometyx (cabozantinib tablet)drugId:5585 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Calquence (acalabrutinib)drugId:6483 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Campath (alemtuzumab 30 mg)drugId:6110 CHEMOTHERAPY
CamptosardrugId:970 (irinotecan)drugId:970 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Caprelsa (vandetanib)drugId:2281 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Carac (fluorouracil 0.5% cream)drugId:876 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
carboplatindrugId:179 CHEMOTHERAPY
CasodexdrugId:362 (bicalutamide)drugId:362 CHEMOTHERAPY #
cisplatindrugId:247 CHEMOTHERAPY
cladribine injectiondrugId:2673 CHEMOTHERAPY
ClolardrugId:271 (clofarabine)drugId:271 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Cometriq (cabozantinib capsule)drugId:2719 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Copiktra (duvelisib)drugId:7002 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Cosela (trilaciclib)drugId:7897 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
CosmegendrugId:2674 (dactinomycin)drugId:2674 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Cotellic (cobimetinib)drugId:5243 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
cyclophosphamidedrugId:310 CHEMOTHERAPY
Cyramza (ramucirumab)drugId:2955 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
cytarabinedrugId:317 CHEMOTHERAPY
dacarbazinedrugId:319 CHEMOTHERAPY
DacogendrugId:332 (decitabine)drugId:332 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Danyelza (naxitamab-gqgk)drugId:7725 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Darzalex (daratumumab)drugId:5244 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Darzalex Faspro (daratumumab / hyaluronidase-fihj)drugId:7387 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
daunorubicin, conventionaldrugId:2676 CHEMOTHERAPY
Daurismo (glasdegib)drugId:7100 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Docefrez (docetaxel)drugId:2985 CHEMOTHERAPY
docetaxeldrugId:553 CHEMOTHERAPY
DoxildrugId:2689 (doxorubicin liposomal injection)drugId:2689 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Efudex (fluorouracil 5% cream)drugId:2260 CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Eligard (leuprolide)drugId:1034 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
EllencedrugId:608 (epirubicin)drugId:608 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Elzonris (tagraxofusp-erzs)drugId:7182 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Emcyt (estramustine)drugId:656 CHEMOTHERAPY
Empliciti (elotuzumab)drugId:5246 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Enhertu (fam-trastuzumab deruxtecan-nxki)drugId:7390 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Erbitux (cetuximab)drugId:212 CHEMOTHERAPY
Erivedge (vismodegib)drugId:2481 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Erleada (apalutamide)drugId:6682 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Erwinase (asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi)drugId:2420 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Etopophos (etoposide phosphate)drugId:7391 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
etoposidedrugId:446 CHEMOTHERAPY
Evomela (melphalan injection)drugId:5385 CHEMOTHERAPY
FarestondrugId:1731 (toremifene)drugId:1731 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Farydak (panobinostat)drugId:5105 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Faslodex (fulvestrant)drugId:915 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
FemaradrugId:1031 (letrozole)drugId:1031 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Firmagon (degarelix)drugId:335 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
floxuridinedrugId:2680 CHEMOTHERAPY
fludarabinedrugId:2538 CHEMOTHERAPY
fluorouracil solutiondrugId:877 CHEMOTHERAPY
flutamidedrugId:888 CHEMOTHERAPY
Folotyn (pralatrexate)drugId:1568 CHEMOTHERAPY
Fotivda (tivozanib)drugId:7882 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Gavreto (pralsetinib)drugId:7660 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Gazyva (obinutuzumab)drugId:2887 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
gemcitabine vialdrugId:926 CHEMOTHERAPY
Gilotrif (afatinib)drugId:2843 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
GleevecdrugId:779 (imatinib)drugId:779 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Halaven (eribulin)drugId:2168 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Herceptin (trastuzumab)drugId:1742 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Herceptin Hylecta (trastuzumab / hyaluronidase-oysk)drugId:7782 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Herzuma (trastuzumab-pkrb)drugId:7783 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
HycamtindrugId:1730 (topotecan)drugId:1730 CHEMOTHERAPY #
HydreadrugId:761 (hydroxyurea)drugId:761 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Ibrance (palbociclib)drugId:4940 PA CHEMOTHERAPY PD
Iclusig (ponatinib)drugId:2724 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
idarubicindrugId:2687 CHEMOTHERAPY
Idhifa (enasidenib)drugId:6284 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
IfexdrugId:2457 (ifosfamide)drugId:2457 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Imbruvica (ibrutinib)drugId:2927 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Imfinzi (durvalumab)drugId:6122 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Imlygic (talimogene laherparepvec)drugId:5440 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Infugem (gemcitabine-Infugem)drugId:7284 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Inlyta (axitinib)drugId:2484 PA CHEMOTHERAPY PD
Inqovi (decitabine / cedazuridine)drugId:7597 CHEMOTHERAPY
Inrebic (fedratinib)drugId:7332 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Intron A (interferon alfa-2b) CHEMOTHERAPY
Iressa (gefitinib)drugId:924 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Istodax (romidepsin)drugId:1959 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Ixempra (ixabepilone)drugId:990 CHEMOTHERAPY
Jakafi (ruxolitinib)drugId:2418 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Jelmyto (mitomycin pyelocalyceal solution)drugId:7453 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Jevtana (cabazitaxel)drugId:1961 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Kadcyla (ado-trastuzumab)drugId:2781 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Kanjinti (trastuzumab-anns)drugId:7784 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Keytruda (pembrolizumab)drugId:4780 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Kisqali (ribociclib)drugId:6102 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Kisqali-Femara Co-Pack (ribociclib / letrozole)drugId:6103 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Koselugo (selumetinib)drugId:7467 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel)drugId:6404 PA CHEMOTHERAPY CO ^
Kyprolis (carfilzomib)drugId:2581 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lenvima (lenvatinib)drugId:4943 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Leukeran (chlorambucil)drugId:216 CHEMOTHERAPY
Levulan (aminolevulinic acid) CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Libtayo (cemiplimab-rwlc)drugId:7005 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lonsurf (trifluridine / tipiracil)drugId:5261 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lorbrena (lorlatinib)drugId:7042 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lumakras (sotorasib)drugId:7980 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lumoxiti (moxetumomab pasudotox-tdfk)drugId:7043 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lynparza (olaparib)drugId:4783 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Lysodren (mitotane)drugId:4881 CHEMOTHERAPY
Margenza (margetuximab-cmkb)drugId:7786 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Marqibo (vincristine liposome)drugId:2890 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Matulane (procarbazine)drugId:1589 CHEMOTHERAPY
Mekinist (trametinib)drugId:2845 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Mektovi (binimetinib)drugId:6802 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
mercaptopurine tabletdrugId:1147 CHEMOTHERAPY
methotrexate injectiondrugId:2935 CHEMOTHERAPY
methotrexate tabletdrugId:5140 CHEMOTHERAPY
mitomycin injectiondrugId:1370 CHEMOTHERAPY
Monjuvi (tafasitamab-cxix)drugId:7492 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Mustargen (mechlorethamine injection)drugId:1125 CHEMOTHERAPY
Mvasi (bevacizumab-awwb)drugId:7787 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Myleran (busulfan tablet)drugId:2536 CHEMOTHERAPY
Mylotarg (gemtuzumab ozogamicin)drugId:6342 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
NavelbinedrugId:1805 (vinorelbine)drugId:1805 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Nerlynx (neratinib)drugId:6287 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Nexavar (sorafenib)drugId:1890 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
NilandrondrugId:1217 (nilutamide)drugId:1217 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Ninlaro (ixazomib)drugId:5281 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Nipent (pentostatin)drugId:2692 CHEMOTHERAPY
NovantronedrugId:1372 (mitoxantrone)drugId:1372 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Nubeqa (darolutamide)drugId:7289 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Odomzo (sonidegib)drugId:5284 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Ogivri (trastuzumab-dkst)drugId:7789 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Oncaspar (pegaspargase)drugId:2430 CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Onivyde (irinotecan liposome)drugId:5285 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Ontruzant (trastuzumab-dttb)drugId:7791 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Onureg (azacitidine tablet)drugId:7565 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Opdivo (nivolumab)drugId:5108 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
oxaliplatindrugId:1307 CHEMOTHERAPY
paclitaxel injectiondrugId:1467 CHEMOTHERAPY
Padcev (enfortumab vedotin-ejfv)drugId:7351 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Pemazyre (pemigatinib)drugId:7455 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Pepaxto (melphalan flufenamide)drugId:7884 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Perjeta (pertuzumab)drugId:2583 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Phesgo (pertuzumab / trastuzumab / hyaluronidase-zzxf)drugId:7618 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Piqray (alpelisib)drugId:7225 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Polivy (polatuzumab vedotin-piiq)drugId:7263 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Pomalyst (pomalidomide)drugId:2787 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Portrazza (necitumumab)drugId:5420 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Poteligeo (mogamulizumab-kpkc)drugId:6924 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Provenge (sipuleucel-T)drugId:2288 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Purixan (mercaptopurine oral suspension)drugId:4632 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Qinlock (ripretinib)drugId:7469 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Quadramet (samarium Sm 153 lexidronam) CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Retevmo (selpercatinib)drugId:7456 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Revlimid (lenalidomide)drugId:2298 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Riabni (rituximab-arrx)drugId:7726 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rituxan (rituximab)drugId:1447 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rituxan Hycela (rituximab / hyaluronidase human)drugId:6183 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
romidepsindrugId:7378 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rozlytrek (entrectinib)drugId:7266 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rubraca (rucaparib)drugId:5980 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Ruxience (rituximab-pvvr)drugId:7379 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rybrevant (amivantamab-vmjw)drugId:7982 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rydapt (midostaurin)drugId:6184 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Rylaze (asparaginase erwinia chrysanthemi-rywn)drugId:7981 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Sarclisa (isatuximab-irfc)drugId:7395 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
SolarazedrugId:508 (diclofenac 3% gel)drugId:508 CHEMOTHERAPY #
SoltamoxdrugId:4980 (tamoxifen solution)drugId:4980 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Sprycel (dasatinib)drugId:331 CHEMOTHERAPY
Stivarga (regorafenib)drugId:2646 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Sutent (sunitinib)drugId:1917 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP PD
Synribo (omacetaxine mepesuccinate)drugId:2659 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tabloid (thioguanine)drugId:1693 CHEMOTHERAPY
Tabrecta (capmatinib)drugId:7458 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tafinlar (dabrafenib)drugId:2823 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tagrisso (osimertinib)drugId:5301 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Talzenna (talazoparib)drugId:7045 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
tamoxifen tabletdrugId:1921 CHEMOTHERAPY
Tarceva (erlotinib)drugId:619 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Targretin (bexarotene)drugId:361 CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Tasigna (nilotinib)drugId:1216 CHEMOTHERAPY
Tazverik (tazemetostat)drugId:7381 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tecartus (brexucabtagene autoleucel)drugId:7495 PA CHEMOTHERAPY CO ^
Tecentriq (atezolizumab)drugId:5593 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
TemodardrugId:1667 (temozolomide)drugId:1667 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Tepmetko (tepotinib)drugId:7797 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tibsovo (ivosidenib)drugId:6925 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tolak (fluorouracil 4% cream)drugId:5503 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
ToriseldrugId:1668 (temsirolimus)drugId:1668 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Trazimera (trastuzumab-qyyp)drugId:7799 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Treanda (bendamustine)drugId:134 CHEMOTHERAPY
Trelstar (triptorelin)drugId:1766 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
tretinoin capsuledrugId:5135 CHEMOTHERAPY
TrisenoxdrugId:2697 (arsenic trioxide)drugId:2697 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Trodelvy (sacituzumab govitecan-hziy)drugId:7397 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Truxima (rituximab-abbs)drugId:7382 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tukysa (tucatinib)drugId:7398 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Turalio (pexidartinib)drugId:7279 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Tykerb (lapatinib)drugId:1025 CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Valchlor (mechlorethamine gel)drugId:2893 CHEMOTHERAPY
Valstar (valrubicin)drugId:1784 CHEMOTHERAPY
Vectibix (panitumumab)drugId:1475 CHEMOTHERAPY
Velcade (bortezomib)drugId:371 CHEMOTHERAPY
Venclexta (venetoclax)drugId:5595 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Verzenio (abemaciclib)drugId:6410 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
VidazadrugId:110 (azacitidine vial)drugId:110 CHEMOTHERAPY #
vinblastinedrugId:1803 CHEMOTHERAPY
vincristinedrugId:1804 CHEMOTHERAPY
Vitrakvi (larotrectinib)drugId:7047 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Vizimpro (dacomitinib)drugId:7048 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Votrient (pazopanib)drugId:1486 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Vumon (teniposide)drugId:2699 CHEMOTHERAPY
Vyxeos (daunorubicin / cytarabine)drugId:6412 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Xalkori (crizotinib)drugId:2376 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
XelodadrugId:435 (capecitabine)drugId:435 CHEMOTHERAPY #
Xofigo (radium Ra 223 dichloride)drugId:2853 PA CHEMOTHERAPY ^
Xospata (gilteritinib)drugId:7108 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Xpovio (selinexor)drugId:7300 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Xtandi (enzalutamide)drugId:2651 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Yervoy (ipilimumab)drugId:2296 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Yescarta (axicabtagene ciloleucel)drugId:6414 PA CHEMOTHERAPY CO ^
Yonsa (abiraterone 125 mg)drugId:6824 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zaltrap (ziv-aflibercept)drugId:2637 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zanosar (streptozocin)drugId:2700 CHEMOTHERAPY
Zejula (niraparib)drugId:6126 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zelboraf (vemurafenib)drugId:2372 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zepzelca (lurbinectedin)drugId:7604 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zirabev (bevacizumab-bvzr)drugId:7801 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zoladex (goserelin)drugId:682 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
Zolinza (vorinostat)drugId:1811 CHEMOTHERAPY
Zydelig (idelalisib)drugId:4644 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zykadia (ceritinib)drugId:2951 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Zytiga (abiraterone 250 mg, 500 mg)drugId:2297 PA CHEMOTHERAPY BP
cherry syrup COMPOUNDING AGENT *
Ora-Plus suspending vehicle COMPOUNDING AGENT *
Ora-Sweet oral syrup COMPOUNDING AGENT *
Ora-Sweet-SF oral syrup COMPOUNDING AGENT *
simple syrup COMPOUNDING AGENT *
Amitiza (lubiprostone)drugId:1110 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS BP
bisacodyldrugId:364 CONSTIPATION AGENTS *
docusate sodiumdrugId:554 CONSTIPATION AGENTS *
Enemeez (docusate enema)drugId:555 CONSTIPATION AGENTS
lactulose packetdrugId:1007 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS
Linzess (linaclotide)drugId:2658 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS
magnesium saltsdrugId:1114 CONSTIPATION AGENTS *
methylcellulosedrugId:5920 CONSTIPATION AGENTS *
mineral oildrugId:1360 CONSTIPATION AGENTS *
Motegrity (prucalopride)drugId:7136 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS
psylliumdrugId:1610 CONSTIPATION AGENTS *
Relistor (methylnaltrexone)drugId:953 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS
Symproic (naldemedine)drugId:6619 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS
Trulance (plecanatide)drugId:6043 PA CONSTIPATION AGENTS
Annovera (segesterone / ethinyl estradiol) CONTRACEPTIVES
Balcoltra (levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol / ferrous bisglycinate) CONTRACEPTIVES
Beyaz (ethinyl estradiol / drospirenone / levomefolate-Beyaz) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Depo-Provera (medroxyprogesterone injection) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Depo-SubQ Provera 104 (medroxyprogesterone injection) CONTRACEPTIVES
Ella (ulipristal acetate) CONTRACEPTIVES
Estrostep FE (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone / ferrous fumarate) CONTRACEPTIVES #
ethinyl estradiol / desogestrel CONTRACEPTIVES
ethinyl estradiol / ethynodiol CONTRACEPTIVES
ethinyl estradiol / norelgestromin patch CONTRACEPTIVES
ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone CONTRACEPTIVES
ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone / ferrous fumarate CONTRACEPTIVES
ethinyl estradiol / norgestimate CONTRACEPTIVES
Generess Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone / ferrous fumarate chewable 0.8 mg / 25 mcg) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Kyleena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system 19.5 mg) CONTRACEPTIVES
levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol 0.10/0.02 mg CONTRACEPTIVES
levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol 0.15/0.03 mg CONTRACEPTIVES
levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol 90/20 mcg CONTRACEPTIVES
levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol triphasic CONTRACEPTIVES
levonorgestrel 1.5 mg tablet CONTRACEPTIVES *
Liletta (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system 52 mg-Liletta) CONTRACEPTIVES
Lo Loestrin Fe (norethindrone / ethinyl estradiol / ferrous fumarate) CONTRACEPTIVES
Loseasonique (levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol-Loseasonique) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Minastrin 24 Fe (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone / ferrous fumarate chewable-Minastrin 24 Fe) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Mirena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system 52 mg-Mirena) CONTRACEPTIVES
Natazia (estradiol valerate and estradiol valerate / dienogest) CONTRACEPTIVES
Nexplanon (etonogestrel implant-Nexplanon) CONTRACEPTIVES
norethindrone 0.35 mg CONTRACEPTIVES
norgestrel / ethinyl estradiol 0.3/0.03 mg CONTRACEPTIVES
Nuvaring (etonogestrel / ethinyl estradiol) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Ortho Micronor (norethindrone 0.35 mg) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Ortho-Novum (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone-Ortho-Novum) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Ortho Tri-Cyclen (ethinyl estradiol / norgestimate-Ortho Tri-Cyclen) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Paragard (copper IUD) CONTRACEPTIVES
Phexxi (lactic acid / citric acid / potassium bitartrate vaginal gel) CONTRACEPTIVES
Quartette (levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol-Quartette) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Safyral (ethinyl estradiol / drospirenone / levomefolate-Safyral) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Seasonique (levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol-Seasonique) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Skyla (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system 13.5 mg) CONTRACEPTIVES
Slynd (drospirenone) CONTRACEPTIVES
Taytulla (ethinyl estradiol / norethindrone / ferrous fumarate) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Twirla (levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol patch) CONTRACEPTIVES
Tyblume (levonorgestrel / ethinyl estradiol) CONTRACEPTIVES
Yasmin (ethinyl estradiol / drospirenone-Yasmin) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Yaz (ethinyl estradiol / drospirenone-Yaz) CONTRACEPTIVES #
Actemra (tocilizumab COVID EUA – June 24, 2021) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID H
bamlanivimab, administered with etesevimab (COVID EUA – February 9, 2021) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
casirivimab, administered with imdevimab (COVID EUA - November 21, 2020) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Comirnaty (COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine ≥ 16 years of age) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Comirnaty (COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine COVID EUA – May 10, 2021 for members 12 to 15 years of age) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Comirnaty (COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine COVID EUA – October 29, 2021 for members 5 to 11 years of age) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine ≥ 16 years of age) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine COVID EUA – May 10, 2021 for members 12 to 15 years of age) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Comirnaty (Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine COVID EUA – October 29, 2021 for members 5 to 11 years of age) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
etesevimab, administered with bamlanivimab (COVID EUA – February 9, 2021) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
imdevimab, administered with casirivimab (COVID EUA - November 21, 2020) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine (COVID EUA – February 27, 2021) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine (COVID EUA – December 18, 2020) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Olumiant (baricitinib COVID EUA - November 19, 2020) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID H
sotrovimab (COVID EUA - May 26, 2021) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID
Veklury (remdesivir) COVID - 19 related Treatments and Vaccines COVID H
Kalydeco (ivacaftor)drugId:2487 PA CYSTIC FIBROSIS AGENTS PD
Orkambi (lumacaftor / ivacaftor)drugId:5126 PA CYSTIC FIBROSIS AGENTS PD
Symdeko (tezacaftor / ivacaftor)drugId:6540 PA CYSTIC FIBROSIS AGENTS PD
Trikafta (elexacaftor / tezacaftor / ivacaftor)drugId:7278 PA CYSTIC FIBROSIS AGENTS PD
phenylephrine / promethazine DECONGESTANT
pseudoephedrinedrugId:1607 PA > 240 mg/day DECONGESTANT *
Semprex-D (acrivastine / pseudoephedrine)drugId:1608 PA DECONGESTANT
Absorica (isotretinoin-Absorica)drugId:2881 PA DERMATOLOGICAL BP
Absorica LD (isotretinoin micronized)drugId:7368 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Acanya (clindamycin / benzoyl peroxide-Acanya)drugId:262 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Aczone (dapsone gel)drugId:325 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Aklief (trifarotene)drugId:7369 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
AldaradrugId:783 (imiquimod 5% cream)drugId:783 DERMATOLOGICAL #
Altreno (tretinoin 0.05% lotion)drugId:6900 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
ammonium lactate DERMATOLOGICAL
Arazlo (tazarotene lotion)drugId:7365 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Atralin (tretinoin 0.05% gel)drugId:2432 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
AvitadrugId:1747 (tretinoin-Avita)drugId:1747 PA ≥ 22 years DERMATOLOGICAL #
Benzaclin (clindamycin / benzoyl peroxide-Benzaclin)drugId:263 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
benzoyl peroxidedrugId:2106 PA ≥ 22 years DERMATOLOGICAL *
benzoyl peroxide 9.8% foamdrugId:2182 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
calamine lotion DERMATOLOGICAL *
calcipotriene ointmentdrugId:2563 PA > 60 grams/month DERMATOLOGICAL
calcipotriene scalp solutiondrugId:2562 DERMATOLOGICAL
colloidal oatmeal DERMATOLOGICAL *
CondyloxdrugId:2261 (podofilox)drugId:2261 DERMATOLOGICAL #
Differin (adapalene 0.1%, 0.3% gel tube)drugId:7678 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Differin (adapalene cream, 0.3% gel pump, lotion)drugId:159 PA DERMATOLOGICAL BP
DovonexdrugId:420 (calcipotriene cream)drugId:420 PA > 60 grams/month DERMATOLOGICAL #
Duac (clindamycin / benzoyl peroxide-Duac)drugId:264 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Elidel (pimecrolimus)drugId:1531 DERMATOLOGICAL BP
Epiduo (adapalene / benzoyl peroxide)drugId:160 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Eucrisa (crisaborole)drugId:6041 PA DERMATOLOGICAL PD
Fabior (tazarotene foam)drugId:2841 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Finacea (azelaic acid foam)drugId:5106 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Finacea (azelaic acid gel)drugId:113 PA DERMATOLOGICAL BP
hydrophilic ointment DERMATOLOGICAL *
isotretinoindrugId:983 PA ≥ 22 years DERMATOLOGICAL
KlarondrugId:1899 (sulfacetamide)drugId:1899 PA ≥ 22 years DERMATOLOGICAL #
lactic acid / vitamin E DERMATOLOGICAL
Lactinol (lactic acid) DERMATOLOGICAL
MetrocreamdrugId:1344 (metronidazole 0.75% cream)drugId:1344 DERMATOLOGICAL #
Metrogel (metronidazole 1% gel)drugId:1345 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Metrolotion (metronidazole lotion)drugId:1346 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
metronidazole 0.75% geldrugId:4883 DERMATOLOGICAL
Mirvaso (brimonidine topical gel, 0.33%)drugId:2891 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Noritate (metronidazole 1% cream)drugId:1348 DERMATOLOGICAL
Onexton (clindamycin / benzoyl peroxide-Onexton)drugId:4788 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Oxsoralen (methoxsalen topical) DERMATOLOGICAL
Oxsoralen-Ultra (methoxsalen capsules) DERMATOLOGICAL #
Picato (ingenol gel)drugId:2521 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Protopic (tacrolimus topical)drugId:1919 DERMATOLOGICAL BP
Prudoxin (doxepin cream-Prudoxin)drugId:568 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Qbrexza (glycopyrronium cloth)drugId:6987 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Retin-A (tretinoin-Retin-A)drugId:1748 PA ≥ 22 years DERMATOLOGICAL BP
Retin-A Micro (tretinoin microspheres)drugId:1749 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Rhofade (oxymetazoline cream)drugId:6105 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
salicylic aciddrugId:1827 DERMATOLOGICAL o
selenium sulfide DERMATOLOGICAL *
Soolantra (ivermectin cream)drugId:4813 PA DERMATOLOGICAL BP
SoriatanedrugId:153 (acitretin)drugId:153 DERMATOLOGICAL #
Sorilux (calcipotriene foam)drugId:2560 PA DERMATOLOGICAL BP
tazarotene 0.1% creamdrugId:1657 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Tretin-X (tretinoin-Tretin-X)drugId:7574 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Vectical (calcitriol ointment)drugId:424 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Veltin (clindamycin / tretinoin-Veltin)drugId:1970 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
vitamin A and D ointment DERMATOLOGICAL *
witch hazel DERMATOLOGICAL *
Xerese (acyclovir / hydrocortisone)drugId:1973 DERMATOLOGICAL
Ziana (clindamycin / tretinoin-Ziana)drugId:265 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Zonalon (doxepin cream-Zonalon)drugId:569 PA DERMATOLOGICAL
Zyclara (imiquimod 2.5%, 3.75% cream)drugId:1952 PA DERMATOLOGICAL BP
Actoplus MetdrugId:1536 (pioglitazone / metformin)drugId:1536 DIABETIC AGENTS #
ActosdrugId:1534 (pioglitazone)drugId:1534 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Adlyxin (lixisenatide)drugId:5760 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Admelog (insulin lispro-Admelog)drugId:6660 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Afrezza (insulin human inhalation powder)drugId:4900 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
AmaryldrugId:931 (glimepiride)drugId:931 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Apidra (insulin glulisine)drugId:810 DIABETIC AGENTS
Avandia (rosiglitazone)drugId:1456 DIABETIC AGENTS
Baqsimi (glucagon nasal powder)drugId:7367 DIABETIC AGENTS PD
Basaglar (insulin glargine-Basaglar)drugId:5761 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Bydureon (exenatide extended-release pen)drugId:2478 DIABETIC AGENTS
Bydureon Bcise (exenatide extended-release auto-injection)drugId:6940 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Byetta (exenatide)drugId:451 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Cycloset (bromocriptine 0.8 mg tablet)drugId:2984 DIABETIC AGENTS
Duetact (glimepiride / pioglitazone)drugId:1535 PA DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Farxiga (dapagliflozin)drugId:2923 DIABETIC AGENTS
Fiasp (insulin aspart-Fiasp)drugId:6400 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Fortamet (metformin extended-release, osmotic tablet)drugId:1157 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
glipizide / metformindrugId:935 DIABETIC AGENTS
Glucagen (glucagon vial)drugId:7370 DIABETIC AGENTS
glucagon vialdrugId:671 DIABETIC AGENTS
glucose productsdrugId:6745 PA ≥ 19 years DIABETIC AGENTS
GlucotroldrugId:932 (glipizide)drugId:932 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Glucotrol XLdrugId:933 (glipizide extended-release)drugId:933 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Glumetza (metformin extended-release, gastric tablet)drugId:2987 PA DIABETIC AGENTS BP
glyburidedrugId:674 DIABETIC AGENTS
glyburide / metformindrugId:676 DIABETIC AGENTS
GlynasedrugId:675 (glyburide, micronized)drugId:675 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Glyxambi (empagliflozin / linagliptin)drugId:4771 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Gvoke (glucagon auto-injection, prefilled syringe)drugId:7363 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Humalog (insulin lispro 50/50)drugId:811 DIABETIC AGENTS
Humalog (insulin lispro 75/25)drugId:813 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Humalog (insulin lispro-Humalog)drugId:815 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Humulin (insulin NPH / regular insulin 70/30)drugId:817 DIABETIC AGENTS
Humulin N (insulin NPH)drugId:1263 DIABETIC AGENTS
Humulin R (insulin regular)drugId:821 DIABETIC AGENTS
Invokamet (canagliflozin / metformin)drugId:4775 DIABETIC AGENTS
Invokamet XR (canagliflozin / metformin extended-release)drugId:5723 DIABETIC AGENTS
Invokana (canagliflozin)drugId:2780 DIABETIC AGENTS
Janumet (sitagliptin / metformin)drugId:1859 DIABETIC AGENTS
Janumet XR (sitagliptin / metformin extended-release)drugId:2485 DIABETIC AGENTS
Januvia (sitagliptin)drugId:1858 DIABETIC AGENTS
Jardiance (empagliflozin)drugId:4627 DIABETIC AGENTS
Jentadueto (linagliptin / metformin)drugId:2486 DIABETIC AGENTS
Jentadueto XR (linagliptin / metformin extended-release)drugId:5724 DIABETIC AGENTS
Kazano (alogliptin / metformin)drugId:2782 PA DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Kombiglyze XR (saxagliptin / metformin extended-release)drugId:2103 DIABETIC AGENTS
Korlym (mifepristone 300 mg)drugId:2519 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Lantus (insulin glargine-Lantus)drugId:807 DIABETIC AGENTS
Levemir (insulin detemir)drugId:805 DIABETIC AGENTS
Lyumjev (insulin lispro-Lyumjev)drugId:7491 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
metformin extended-release, XR tabletdrugId:1159 DIABETIC AGENTS
metformin immediate-release tabletdrugId:1158 DIABETIC AGENTS
miglitoldrugId:1356 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Nesina (alogliptin)drugId:2784 PA DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Novolin (insulin NPH / regular insulin 70/30)drugId:819 DIABETIC AGENTS
Novolin N (insulin NPH)drugId:1265 DIABETIC AGENTS
Novolin R (insulin regular)drugId:820 DIABETIC AGENTS
Novolog (insulin aspart 70/30)drugId:801 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Novolog (insulin aspart-Novolog)drugId:804 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Onglyza (saxagliptin)drugId:1834 DIABETIC AGENTS
Oseni (alogliptin / pioglitazone)drugId:2783 PA DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Ozempic (semaglutide injection)drugId:6613 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
PrecosedrugId:143 (acarbose)drugId:143 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Proglycem (diazoxide) DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Qtern (dapagliflozin / saxagliptin)drugId:6406 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
repaglinidedrugId:1642 DIABETIC AGENTS
repaglinide / metformindrugId:1643 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
RiometdrugId:1161 (metformin immediate-release solution)drugId:1161 PA ≥ 13 years DIABETIC AGENTS #
Riomet ER (metformin extended-release suspension)drugId:7457 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Rybelsus (semaglutide tablet)drugId:7427 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Segluromet (ertugliflozin / metformin)drugId:6616 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Semglee (insulin glargine-Semglee)drugId:7470 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Soliqua (insulin glargine / lixisenatide)drugId:5766 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
StarlixdrugId:1178 (nateglinide)drugId:1178 DIABETIC AGENTS #
Steglatro (ertugliflozin)drugId:6617 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Steglujan (ertugliflozin / sitagliptin)drugId:6618 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Symlin (pramlintide)drugId:1570 DIABETIC AGENTS
Synjardy (empagliflozin / metformin)drugId:5113 DIABETIC AGENTS
Synjardy XR (empagliflozin / metformin extended-release)drugId:6107 DIABETIC AGENTS
Toujeo (insulin glargine-Toujeo)drugId:4914 DIABETIC AGENTS
Tradjenta (linagliptin)drugId:2293 DIABETIC AGENTS
Tresiba (insulin degludec)drugId:5302 DIABETIC AGENTS
Trijardy XR (empagliflozin / linagliptin / metformin extended-release)drugId:7396 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Trulicity (dulaglutide)drugId:4814 DIABETIC AGENTS PD
Victoza (liraglutide)drugId:1085 DIABETIC AGENTS
Xigduo XR (dapagliflozin / metformin extended-release)drugId:4841 DIABETIC AGENTS
Xultophy (insulin degludec / liraglutide)drugId:5769 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Zegalogue (dasiglucagon)drugId:7888 PA DIABETIC AGENTS
Cortrosyn (cosyntropin) DIAGNOSTICS #
Actonel (risedronate)drugId:1439 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
alendronate solutiondrugId:2796 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Ammonul (sodium phenylacetate / sodium benzoate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
ArediadrugId:1474 (pamidronate)drugId:1474 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
ascorbic acid powderdrugId:7339 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Atelvia (risedronate delayed-release)drugId:2101 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Auryxia (ferric citrate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
biotin powderdrugId:7462 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Boniva (ibandronate IV)drugId:769 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
BonivadrugId:770 (ibandronate tablet)drugId:770 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
calcitriol injectiondrugId:425 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
calcium replacementdrugId:428 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Carnitor (levocarnitine) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
citric acid / potassium citrate ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
citric acid / sodium citrate / potassium citrate ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
coenzyme Q10drugId:6202 PA ≥ 19 years ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Cytra-2 (sodium citrate / citric acid) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Cytra-3 (potassium citrate / sodium citrate / citric acid) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Cytra-K (potassium citrate / citric acid) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Dekas Bariatric (multivitamins / minerals / folic acid / coenzyme Q10-Dekas Bariatric)drugId:6605 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Dojolvi (triheptanoin)drugId:7488 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
doxercalciferol capsuledrugId:570 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
electrolye solution, pediatric ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Endari (l-glutamine)drugId:6503 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
ergocalciferol capsuledrugId:616 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Feraheme (ferumoxytol)drugId:849 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Ferrlecit (sodium ferric gluconate complex)drugId:1865 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
ferrous fumaratedrugId:846 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
ferrous gluconatedrugId:847 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
ferrous sulfatedrugId:848 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Foltrate (cyanocobalamin / folic acid)drugId:303 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
FosamaxdrugId:7 (alendronate tablet)drugId:7 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
Fosamax Plus D (alendronate / cholecalciferol)drugId:9 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Hectorol (doxercalciferol injection)drugId:5780 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS ^
Infed (low molecular weight iron dextran)drugId:972 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Intralipid (fat emulsions, intravenous- intralipid) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Kaochlor (potassium chloride-Kaochlor) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Kaon-CL (potassium chloride-Kaon-CL) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Klor-Con (potassium chloride-Klor-Con) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
K-phos M.F. (potassium phosphate / sodium phosphate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
K-phos Neutral (potassium phosphate / dibasic sodium phosphate / monobasic sodium phosphate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
K-phos No.2 (potassium phosphate / sodium phosphate / phosphorus) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
K-Tab (potassium chloride-K-Tab) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
L-Carnitine (levocarnitine) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
levocarnitine powderdrugId:7340 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Liposyn (fat emulsions, intravenous-liposyn) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
melatonin / pyridoxine tabletdrugId:6211 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
melatonin powderdrugId:7111 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
melatonin tablet, solutiondrugId:6210 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Micro-K (potassium chloride-Micro-K) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
Monoferric (ferric derisomaltose)drugId:7599 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
multivitaminsdrugId:1399 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Nascobal (cyanocobalamin-Nascobal)drugId:301 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
niacinamidedrugId:1206 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
pediatric multivitaminsdrugId:1487 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Phos-Flur (sodium fluoride oral rinse) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Phoslyra (calcium acetate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
potassium bicarbonate ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
potassium chloride injection ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
potassium phosphate ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
prenatal vitaminsdrugId:1583 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
pyridoxine crystalsdrugId:7341 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Rayaldee (calcifediol)drugId:5765 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Reclast (zoledronic acid 5 mg)drugId:1927 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Renagel (sevelamer hydrochloride) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS BP
Renvela (sevelamer carbonate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
RocaltroldrugId:426 (calcitriol)drugId:426 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
sodium chloride for inhalation - Non-Drug Product ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
sodium chloride solution ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
sodium chloride tablet ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Travasol (amino acid and electrolyte IV infusion) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Triferic (ferric pyrophosphate citrate)drugId:6021 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS ^
Urocit-K (potassium citrate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
Velphoro (sucroferric oxyhydroxide) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Venofer (iron sucrose)drugId:974 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
vitamin A (retinol)drugId:1806 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin B-1 (thiamine)drugId:1692 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin B-12 (cyanocobalamin)drugId:302 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS o
vitamin B-2 (riboflavin)drugId:1428 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin B-3 (niacin)drugId:1202 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin B-6 (pyridoxine)drugId:1613 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin B complexdrugId:1807 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin C (ascorbic acid)drugId:96 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamin E, oraldrugId:1808 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamins, multiple / mineralsdrugId:1402 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamins, multipledrugId:1400 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamins, pediatricdrugId:1403 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
vitamins, prenataldrugId:2061 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS *
Zemplar (paricalcitol capsule)drugId:1481 PA ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
Zemplar (paricalcitol injection)drugId:5781 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS ^
ZometadrugId:1928 (zoledronic acid 4 mg)drugId:1928 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS #
Bynfezia (octreotide prefilled syringe)drugId:7658 ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS
Isturisa (osilodrostat)drugId:7466 PA ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS
Mycapssa (octreotide capsule)drugId:7788 PA ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS
SandostatindrugId:1269 (octreotide injection)drugId:1269 ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS #
Sandostatin LAR (octreotide injectable suspension)drugId:2497 ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS BP
Signifor (pasireotide)drugId:2791 PA ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS
Signifor LAR (pasireotide injectable suspension)drugId:4912 PA ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS
Somatuline (lanreotide)drugId:1020 ENDOCRINE/METABOLIC AGENTS
Aldurazyme (laronidase)drugId:1026 PA ENZYMES
Aralast (alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, human-Aralast) ENZYMES
Aralast NP (alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, human-Aralast NP) ENZYMES
Berinert (c1 esterase inhibitor, human-Berinert)drugId:1938 PA ENZYMES
Buphenyl (sodium phenylbutyrate) ENZYMES BP
Carbaglu (carglumic acid)drugId:2161 PA ENZYMES
Cerdelga (eliglustat)drugId:4764 PA ENZYMES
Cerezyme (imiglucerase)drugId:780 PA ENZYMES
Cinryze (c1 esterase inhibitor, human-Cinryze)drugId:416 PA ENZYMES
Creon DR (pancrelipase-Creon DR)drugId:1082 ENZYMES
Cystagon (cysteamine immediate-release capsule)drugId:316 ENZYMES
Elaprase (idursulfase)drugId:776 PA ENZYMES
Elelyso (taliglucerase alfa)drugId:2558 PA ENZYMES
Elitek (rasburicase) ENZYMES
Fabrazyme (agalsidase beta)drugId:162 PA ENZYMES
Firazyr (icatibant)drugId:2364 PA ENZYMES
Galafold (migalastat)drugId:6982 PA ENZYMES
Glassia (alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, human-Glassia) ENZYMES
Haegarda (c1 esterase inhibitor, human-Haegarda)drugId:6283 PA ENZYMES
Hylenex (hyaluronidase, human recombinant) ENZYMES
Kalbitor (ecallantide)drugId:1941 PA ENZYMES ^
Kanuma (sebelipase alfa)drugId:5388 PA ENZYMES
Kuvan (sapropterin)drugId:1831 PA ENZYMES
Lumizyme (alglucosidase alfa)drugId:11 PA ENZYMES
Mepsevii (vestronidase alfa-vjbk)drugId:6521 PA ENZYMES
Naglazyme (galsulfase)drugId:921 PA ENZYMES
Nulibry (fosdenopterin)drugId:7883 PA ENZYMES
Orladeyo (berotralstat)drugId:7720 PA ENZYMES
Palynziq (pegvaliase-pqpz)drugId:6923 PA ENZYMES
Pancreaze DR (pancrelipase-Pancreaze DR)drugId:2565 ENZYMES
Pertzye DR (pancrelipase-Pertzye DR)drugId:2730 ENZYMES
Procysbi (cysteamine delayed-release capsule)drugId:2861 PA ENZYMES
Procysbi (cysteamine delayed-release granule)drugId:7374 PA ENZYMES
Prolastin (alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, human-Prolastin) ENZYMES
Pulmozyme (dornase alfa)drugId:562 ENZYMES
Ravicti (glycerol phenylbutyrate)drugId:2789 PA ENZYMES
Revcovi (elapegademase-lvlr)drugId:7044 PA ENZYMES
Ruconest (c1 esterase inhibitor, recombinant-Ruconest)drugId:4794 PA ENZYMES
Strensiq (asfotase alfa)drugId:5300 PA ENZYMES
Vimizim (elosulfase alfa)drugId:2931 PA ENZYMES
Viokace (pancrelipase-Viokace)drugId:2597 ENZYMES
Vitrase (hyaluronidase, ovine) ENZYMES
Vpriv (velaglucerase alfa)drugId:1950 PA ENZYMES
Xiaflex (collagenase clostridium histolyticum)drugId:1951 PA ENZYMES
Zavesca (miglustat)drugId:1357 PA ENZYMES BP
Zemaira (alpha-1-proteinase inhibitor, human-Zemaira) ENZYMES
Zenpep DR (pancrelipase-Zenpep DR)drugId:1084 ENZYMES
Duavee (estrogens, conjugated/bazedoxifene) ESTROGENS
ciclopirox 0.77% geldrugId:232 PA FUNGICIDES
ciclopirox 8% nail lacquerdrugId:233 FUNGICIDES
ciclopirox powderdrugId:7737 PA FUNGICIDES
clotrimazole / betamethasone creamdrugId:280 FUNGICIDES
clotrimazole / betamethasone lotiondrugId:2856 PA FUNGICIDES
clotrimazoledrugId:279 FUNGICIDES *
clotrimazole trochedrugId:1995 FUNGICIDES
Cresemba (isavuconazonium)drugId:4909 PA FUNGICIDES
DiflucandrugId:860 (fluconazole)drugId:860 FUNGICIDES #
econazole 1% creamdrugId:588 FUNGICIDES
Ertaczo (sertaconazole)drugId:1843 PA FUNGICIDES
Exelderm (sulconazole)drugId:1898 PA FUNGICIDES
Extina (ketoconazole foam)drugId:994 PA FUNGICIDES
fluconazole powderdrugId:7162 PA FUNGICIDES
Grifulvin VdrugId:687 (griseofulvin 500 mg tablet)drugId:687 FUNGICIDES #
griseofulvin powderdrugId:7739 PA FUNGICIDES
griseofulvin suspensiondrugId:2306 FUNGICIDES
Gris-PegdrugId:686 (griseofulvin 125 mg, 250 mg tablet)drugId:686 FUNGICIDES #
itraconazole powderdrugId:7741 PA FUNGICIDES
Jublia (efinaconazole)drugId:4628 PA FUNGICIDES BP
Kerydin (tavaborole)drugId:4629 PA FUNGICIDES
ketoconazole cream, shampoodrugId:2047 FUNGICIDES
ketoconazole tabletdrugId:1996 FUNGICIDES
LamisildrugId:1672 (terbinafine tablet)drugId:1672 FUNGICIDES #
Loprox (ciclopirox 1% shampoo)drugId:5128 PA FUNGICIDES
LoproxdrugId:5625 (ciclopirox 0.77% cream, suspension)drugId:5625 FUNGICIDES #
Luzu (luliconazole)drugId:2925 PA FUNGICIDES
Mentax (butenafine)drugId:412 FUNGICIDES
miconazoledrugId:1352 FUNGICIDES *
miconazole nitrate powderdrugId:7163 PA FUNGICIDES
Naftin (naftifine)drugId:1422 PA FUNGICIDES
Noxafil (posaconazole)drugId:2928 PA FUNGICIDES BP
nystatin / triamcinolone cream, ointmentdrugId:1268 FUNGICIDES
nystatin cream, ointment, powderdrugId:2898 FUNGICIDES
nystatin oral suspensiondrugId:1266 FUNGICIDES
Onmel (itraconazole 200 mg tablet)drugId:2728 PA FUNGICIDES
Oravig (miconazole buccal tablet)drugId:1966 PA FUNGICIDES
Oxistat (oxiconazole)drugId:1312 PA FUNGICIDES
Sporanox (itraconazole solution)drugId:7060 FUNGICIDES BP
SporanoxdrugId:988 (itraconazole 100 mg capsule)drugId:988 FUNGICIDES #
terbinafine powderdrugId:7744 PA FUNGICIDES
tolnaftatedrugId:1724 FUNGICIDES *
Tolsura (itraconazole 65 mg capsule)drugId:7011 PA FUNGICIDES
Vfend (voriconazole suspension, tablet)drugId:1809 PA FUNGICIDES
VfenddrugId:1810 (voriconazole injection)drugId:1810 FUNGICIDES #
Vusion (miconazole / zinc oxide ointment)drugId:1353 PA FUNGICIDES
Gralise (gabapentin extended-release)drugId:2366 PA GABA ANALOGS
Horizant (gabapentin enacarbil)drugId:2285 PA GABA ANALOGS
Lyrica CR (pregabalin extended-release)drugId:6608 PA GABA ANALOGS BP
Align (bifidobacterium infantis)drugId:6200 PA ≥ 19 years GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
aluminum carbonate GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT *
Culturelle (lactobacillus rhamnosus GG)drugId:6204 PA ≥ 19 years GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
Florastor (saccharomyces boulardii)drugId:6207 PA ≥ 19 years GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
Gattex (teduglutide injection)drugId:2722 PA GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
lactulose solutiondrugId:1008 GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
Lotronex (alosetron)drugId:19 PA GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
metoclopramide orally disintegrating tabletdrugId:1334 PA GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
Rectiv (nitroglycerin 0.4% ointment) GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
Viberzi (eluxadoline)drugId:5403 PA GASTROINTESTINAL AGENT
Zolgensma (onasemnogene abeparvovec-xioi)drugId:7273 PA GENE THERAPY CO PD ^
Apriso (mesalamine extended-release)drugId:1150 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BP
Asacol HD (mesalamine high dose delayed-release)drugId:1152 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BP
AzulfidinedrugId:1910 (sulfasalazine)drugId:1910 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY #
Azulfidine EN-TabsdrugId:4864 (sulfasalazine delayed-release)drugId:4864 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY #
CanasadrugId:2095 (mesalamine suppository)drugId:2095 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY #
ColazaldrugId:126 (balsalazide)drugId:126 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY #
Delzicol DRdrugId:2720 (mesalamine capsule)drugId:2720 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY #
Dipentum (olsalazine)drugId:1286 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY
Lialda (mesalamine delayed-release)drugId:1153 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY BP
Pentasa (mesalamine controlled-release)drugId:1154 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY
RowasadrugId:2937 (mesalamine enema)drugId:2937 GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY #
Rowasa Kit (mesalamine kit)drugId:1149 PA GI ANTI-INFLAMMATORY
A-HydrocortdrugId:730 (hydrocortisone injection)drugId:730 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
alclometasone cream, ointmentdrugId:4 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Alkindi (hydrocortisone sprinkle capsule)drugId:7639 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
amcinonide cream, lotiondrugId:31 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Anusol-HCdrugId:740 (hydrocortisone hemorrhoidal cream)drugId:740 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Apexicon-E (diflorasone cream / emollient)drugId:520 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Aristospan (triamcinolone injection)drugId:1750 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone augmented geldrugId:5034 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone dipropionate, augmented cream, lotiondrugId:2204 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone dipropionate creamdrugId:5023 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone dipropionate lotion, ointmentdrugId:2992 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone dipropionate powderdrugId:7270 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone valerate creamdrugId:356 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone valerate lotiondrugId:5026 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
betamethasone valerate ointmentdrugId:5027 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Bryhali (halobetasol lotion)drugId:7001 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Capex (fluocinolone shampoo)drugId:868 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
CelestonedrugId:357 (betamethasone injection)drugId:357 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
clobetasol propionate cream / emollientdrugId:5035 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
clobetasol propionate gel, shampoo kitdrugId:5033 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
clobetasol propionate powderdrugId:7160 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
clobetasol propionate solutiondrugId:5080 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Clobex (clobetasol propionate shampoo)drugId:7858 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
ClobexdrugId:266 (clobetasol propionate lotion, spray-Clobex)drugId:266 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Cloderm (clocortolone cream)drugId:270 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
CortefdrugId:736 (hydrocortisone tablet)drugId:736 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
CortenemadrugId:2983 (hydrocortisone enema)drugId:2983 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Cortifoam (hydrocortisone foam)drugId:731 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
cortisonedrugId:295 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Cutivate (fluticasone lotion)drugId:892 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
CutivatedrugId:5065 (fluticasone cream)drugId:5065 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
DecadrondrugId:2491 (dexamethasone solution, tablet)drugId:2491 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Depo-MedroldrugId:966 (methylprednisolone acetate)drugId:966 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Derma-Smoothe-FSdrugId:867 (fluocinolone body oil, scalp oil)drugId:867 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Desonate (desonide gel)drugId:485 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
desonide lotiondrugId:2528 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
desonide ointmentdrugId:7960 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
DesowendrugId:484 (desonide cream)drugId:484 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
desoximetasone 0.25% creamdrugId:7961 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
dexamethasone injectiondrugId:5131 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
dexamethasone tablet packdrugId:492 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
diflorasone creamdrugId:4918 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
diflorasone ointmentdrugId:2207 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
DiprolenedrugId:5022 (betamethasone dipropionate, augmented ointment)drugId:5022 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Duobrii (halobetasol / tazarotene lotion)drugId:7134 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Emflaza (deflazacort)drugId:6720 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Enstilar (betamethasone / calcipotriene foam)drugId:5248 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Entocort ECdrugId:379 (budesonide delayed-release capsule)drugId:379 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
fludrocortisone GLUCOCORTICOIDS
fluocinolone 0.01% creamdrugId:2529 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
fluocinonide / emollientdrugId:2910 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
fluocinonide cream, gel, ointment, solutiondrugId:2577 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
flurandrenolide cream, lotiondrugId:5520 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
flurandrenolide ointmentdrugId:5941 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
fluticasone ointmentdrugId:5066 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
halobetasol cream, ointmentdrugId:2041 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Halog (halcinonide cream, solution)drugId:695 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Halog (halcinonide ointment)drugId:7859 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone butyrate cream, ointment, solutiondrugId:2531 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone cream, lotion, ointmentdrugId:2530 GLUCOCORTICOIDS *
hydrocortisone solutiondrugId:739 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone valerate creamdrugId:2048 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone valerate ointmentdrugId:5025 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Impeklo (clobetasol propionate lotion-Impeklo)drugId:7920 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Kenalog (triamcinolone spray)drugId:2526 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
KenalogdrugId:6460 (triamcinolone injection)drugId:6460 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Lexette (halobetasol foam)