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MassHealth Drug List A - Z

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This is a listing of all of the drugs covered by MassHealth. Please select a letter to see drugs listed by that letter, or enter the name of the drug you wish to search for.

MassHealth Drug List table
Drug - Brand Name (Generic Name) PA Status Class Drug Notes
Kyprolis (carfilzomib)drugId:2581 PA CHEMOTHERAPY MB
Kynmobi (apomorphine film)drugId:7490 PA ANTIPARKINSON
Kymriah (tisagenlecleucel)drugId:6404 PA CHEMOTHERAPY CO, MB
Kyleena (levonorgestrel-releasing intrauterine system 19.5 mg) CONTRACEPTIVES
Kuvan (sapropterin)drugId:1831 PA ENZYMES
K-Tab (potassium chloride-K-Tab) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS A90
Krystexxa (pegloticase)drugId:6294 PA GOUT AGENTS MB
Krintafel (tafenoquine)drugId:7261 PA > 2 units/365 days ANTIMALARIALS
Krazati (adagrasib)drugId:8530 PA ANTINEOPLASTICS
K-phos No.2 (potassium phosphate / sodium phosphate / phosphorus) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS
K-phos Neutral (potassium phosphate / dibasic sodium phosphate / monobasic sodium phosphate) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS A90
Kovaltry (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Kovaltry)drugId:5395 ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS PD
Koselugo (selumetinib)drugId:7467 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Korsuva (difelikefalin) ANTIPRURITIC MB
Korlym (mifepristone 300 mg)drugId:2519 PA DIABETIC AGENTS A90
Konvomep (omeprazole / sodium bicarbonate suspension)drugId:8570 PA ANTI-ULCER PREPARATIONS
Kombiglyze XR (saxagliptin / metformin extended-release)drugId:2103 DIABETIC AGENTS BP, M90
Kogenate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Kogenate)drugId:74 ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS PD
Koate-DVI (antihemophilic factor, human-Koate-DVI)drugId:78 ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Kloxxado (naloxone 8 mg nasal spray)drugId:7979 ANTIDOTES PD
Klor-Con (potassium chloride-Klor-Con) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS A90, #
Klonopin (clonazepam tablet); See Table 69drugId:274; See Table 71drugId:4363 PA < 6 years BENZODIAZEPINES #
KlarondrugId:1899 (sulfacetamide 10% lotion)drugId:1899 PA ≥ 22 years DERMATOLOGICAL A90, #
Kitabis Pak (tobramycin inhalation solution-Kitabis Pak)drugId:4781 ANTIBIOTICS BP, A90
Kisqali-Femara Co-Pack (ribociclib / letrozole)drugId:6103 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Kisqali (ribociclib)drugId:6102 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Kinrix (diphtheria / tetanus toxoids / acellular pertussis / poliovirus, inactivated vaccine)drugId:535 BIOLOGICAL 1
Kineret (anakinra)drugId:66 PA IMMUNOMODULATOR
Kimyrsa (oritavancin)drugId:8191 PA ANTIBIOTICS
Kimmtrak (tebentafusp-tebn)drugId:8209 PA CHEMOTHERAPY MB
Khapzory (levoleucovorin powder for injection)drugId:7286 PA ANTIDOTES
Keytruda (pembrolizumab)drugId:4780 PA CHEMOTHERAPY MB
Kevzara (sarilumab)drugId:6181 PA IMMUNOMODULATOR
Keveyis (dichlorphenamide)drugId:5260 PA UNCLASSIFIED DRUG PRODUCTS
ketotifendrugId:6208 ANTIHISTAMINES *, A90
ketorolac tablets and injectiondrugId:2189 PA > 20 units/month NONSTEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY
ketorolac nasal spraydrugId:2289 PA NONSTEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY
ketorolac 0.5% ophthalmic solutiondrugId:2270 OPHTHALMIC PREPARATIONS A90, #
ketorolac 0.45% ophthalmic solutiondrugId:999 OPHTHALMIC PREPARATIONS
ketorolac 0.4% ophthalmic solutiondrugId:2271 OPHTHALMIC PREPARATIONS A90, #
ketoprofen extended-releasedrugId:2067 PA NONSTEROIDAL ANTI-INFLAMMATORY A90
ketoconazole tabletdrugId:1996 FUNGICIDES A90
ketoconazole foamdrugId:994 PA FUNGICIDES A90
ketoconazole cream, shampoodrugId:2047 FUNGICIDES A90
ketamine injectiondrugId:993 PA ANESTHETICS MB
Ketalar (ketamine injection)drugId:993 PA ANESTHETICS MB
Kesimpta (ofatumumab prefilled syringe)drugId:7544 PA MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS AGENTS
Kerydin (tavaborole)drugId:4629 PA FUNGICIDES A90
Kerendia (finerenone)drugId:8117 PA ALDOSTERONE ANTAGONISTS
Keppra XRdrugId:1038 (levetiracetam extended-release-Keppra XR)drugId:1038 ANTICONVULSANTS A90, #
KeppradrugId:1037 (levetiracetam injection, solution, tablet)drugId:1037 ANTICONVULSANTS A90, #
Kepivance (palifermin) ANTIDOTES MB
KenalogdrugId:6460 (triamcinolone injection)drugId:6460 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
Kenalog (triamcinolone spray)drugId:2526 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS A90
Kedrab (rabies immune globulin IM, human-Kedrab)drugId:6741 BIOLOGICAL
Kcentra (prothrombin complex concentrate, human) HEMOSTATICS
Kazano (alogliptin / metformin)drugId:2782 PA DIABETIC AGENTS M90
Katerzia (amlodipine suspension)drugId:7260 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Karbinal ER (carbinoxamine extended-release)drugId:2962 PA ANTIHISTAMINES
Kapspargo (metoprolol extended-release capsule)drugId:7135 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Kaon-CL (potassium chloride-Kaon-CL) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS A90
Kaochlor (potassium chloride-Kaochlor) ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS A90
Kanuma (sebelipase alfa)drugId:5388 PA ENZYMES MB
Kanjinti (trastuzumab-anns)drugId:7784 PA CHEMOTHERAPY MB
Kalydeco (ivacaftor)drugId:2487 PA CYSTIC FIBROSIS AGENTS PD
KaletradrugId:1098 (lopinavir / ritonavir)drugId:1098 ANTIVIRALS A90, #
Kalbitor (ecallantide)drugId:1941 PA ENZYMES MB
Kadcyla (ado-trastuzumab)drugId:2781 PA CHEMOTHERAPY MB

Note: Any drug that does not appear on the List requires prior authorization.

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