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MassHealth Drug List A - Z

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This is a listing of all of the drugs covered by MassHealth. Please select a letter to see drugs listed by that letter, or enter the name of the drug you wish to search for.

MassHealth Drug List table
Drug - Brand Name (Generic Name) PA Status Class Drug Notes
Haegarda (c1 esterase inhibitor, human-Haegarda)drugId:6283 PA ENZYMES
haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-ActhibdrugId:693 BIOLOGICAL 1
haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-HiberixdrugId:5624 BIOLOGICAL 1
haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-PedvaxhibdrugId:694 BIOLOGICAL 1
Halaven (eribulin)drugId:2168 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
halcinonide cream, solutiondrugId:695 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
halcinonide ointmentdrugId:7859 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Halcion (triazolam); See Table 69drugId:1757; See Table 71drugId:4353 PA < 6 years and PA > 1 unit/day BENZODIAZEPINES #
Haldol (haloperidol); See Table 24drugId:6323; See Table 71drugId:696 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
halobetasol / tazarotene lotiondrugId:7134 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
halobetasol cream, ointmentdrugId:2041 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
halobetasol foamdrugId:6983 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
halobetasol lotiondrugId:7001 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Halog (halcinonide cream, solution)drugId:695 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
Halog (halcinonide ointment)drugId:7859 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
haloperidol; See Table 24drugId:6323; See Table 71drugId:696 PA < 6 years ANTIPSYCHOTIC #
Harvoni (ledipasvir / sofosbuvir)drugId:4600 PA ANTIVIRALS PD
Havrix (hepatitis A vaccine, inactivated - Havrix)drugId:2578 BIOLOGICAL 1
Hectorol (doxercalciferol injection)drugId:5780 ELECTROLYTES AND NUTRIENTS ^
Helixate (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Helixate) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Hemangeol (propranolol solution)drugId:2959 PA CARDIOVASCULAR
Hemlibra (emicizumab-kxwh) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Hemofil-M (antihemophilic factor, recombinant-Hemofil-M) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Hepagam B (hepatitis B immune globulin IV, human-Hepagam B)drugId:2685 BIOLOGICAL
heparindrugId:704 ANTICOAGULANTS
heparin lock flushdrugId:703 ANTICOAGULANTS
hepatitis A, inactivated / hepatitis B recombinantdrugId:2627 BIOLOGICAL 1
hepatitis A vaccine, inactivated - HavrixdrugId:2578 BIOLOGICAL 1
hepatitis A vaccine, inactivated-VaqtadrugId:705 BIOLOGICAL 1
hepatitis B immune globulin IM, human-Hyperhep BdrugId:706 BIOLOGICAL
hepatitis B immune globulin IM, human-Nabi-HBdrugId:707 BIOLOGICAL
hepatitis B immune globulin IV, human-Hepagam BdrugId:2685 BIOLOGICAL
hepatitis B recombinant vaccine, adjuvanteddrugId:6403 BIOLOGICAL 1
hepatitis B recombinant vaccinedrugId:2579 BIOLOGICAL 1
Heplisav-B (hepatitis B recombinant vaccine, adjuvanted)drugId:6403 BIOLOGICAL 1
HepseradrugId:161 (adefovir)drugId:161 PA > 1 unit/day ANTIVIRALS #
Herceptin (trastuzumab)drugId:1742 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Herceptin Hylecta (trastuzumab / hyaluronidase-oysk)drugId:7782 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Herzuma (trastuzumab-pkrb)drugId:7783 PA CHEMOTHERAPY
Hetlioz (tasimelteon)drugId:2960 PA SEDATIVE, NON-BARBITURATE
Hiberix (haemophilus B conjugate vaccine-Hiberix)drugId:5624 BIOLOGICAL 1
high molecular weight hyaluronandrugId:4808 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
HiprexdrugId:938 (methenamine)drugId:938 ANTIBACTERIAL #
histrelindrugId:710 PA HORMONE AGENTS
Hizentra (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human-Hizentra)drugId:1940 PA BIOLOGICAL
Horizant (gabapentin enacarbil)drugId:2285 PA GABA ANALOGS
Humalog (insulin lispro 50/50)drugId:811 DIABETIC AGENTS
Humalog (insulin lispro 75/25)drugId:813 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
Humalog (insulin lispro-Humalog)drugId:815 DIABETIC AGENTS BP
human papillomavirus 9-valent vaccinedrugId:4770 PA < 9 years and PA ≥ 46 years BIOLOGICAL 1
Humate-P (antihemophilic factor, human-Humate-P) ANTI-HEMOPHILIA AGENTS
Humatrope (somatropin-Humatrope)drugId:1881 PA HORMONE AGENTS
Humira (adalimumab)drugId:158 PA IMMUNOMODULATOR PD
Humulin (insulin NPH / regular insulin 70/30)drugId:817 DIABETIC AGENTS
Humulin N (insulin NPH)drugId:1263 DIABETIC AGENTS
Humulin R (insulin regular)drugId:821 DIABETIC AGENTS
Hyalgan (hyaluronate-Hyalgan)drugId:4803 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-DurolanedrugId:6381 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-EuflexxadrugId:4801 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-GelsyndrugId:5620 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-GenviscdrugId:5340 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-HyalgandrugId:4803 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate modifieddrugId:5500 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-MonoviscdrugId:4805 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-SupartzdrugId:4809 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-TrilurondrugId:7268 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-TriviscdrugId:6926 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronate-Visco-3drugId:6411 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hyaluronidase, human recombinant ENZYMES
hyaluronidase, ovine ENZYMES
HycamtindrugId:1730 (topotecan)drugId:1730 CHEMOTHERAPY #
hydralazinedrugId:715 CARDIOVASCULAR
HydreadrugId:761 (hydroxyurea)drugId:761 CHEMOTHERAPY #
hydrochlorothiazidedrugId:716 CARDIOVASCULAR #
hydrochlorothiazide / triamterenedrugId:1755 CARDIOVASCULAR #
hydrocodone / acetaminophen 300 mgdrugId:5143 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocodone / acetaminophendrugId:723 PA > 80 mg/day OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocodone 5 mg, 10 mg / ibuprofendrugId:726 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocodone 7.5 mg / ibuprofendrugId:728 PA > 80 mg/day OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocodone extended-release capsuledrugId:2924 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocodone extended-release tabletdrugId:4772 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocodone powderdrugId:717 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrocortisone / pramoxine foamdrugId:2310 ANESTHETICS
hydrocortisone butyrate / emollientdrugId:5031 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone butyrate cream, ointment, solutiondrugId:2531 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone butyrate lotiondrugId:6561 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone cream, lotion, ointmentdrugId:2530 GLUCOCORTICOIDS *
hydrocortisone enemadrugId:2983 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
hydrocortisone foamdrugId:731 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone hemorrhoidal creamdrugId:740 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
hydrocortisone injectiondrugId:730 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
hydrocortisone injection-Solu-CortefdrugId:729 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
hydrocortisone probutate creamdrugId:732 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone solutiondrugId:739 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone sprinkle capsuledrugId:7639 PA GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone tabletdrugId:736 GLUCOCORTICOIDS #
hydrocortisone valerate creamdrugId:2048 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrocortisone valerate ointmentdrugId:5025 GLUCOCORTICOIDS
hydrogen peroxidedrugId:753 ANTISEPTICS *
hydromorphone extended-releasedrugId:1939 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydromorphonedrugId:754 PA > 32 mg/day OPIOID ANALGESICS #
hydromorphone powderdrugId:755 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
hydrophilic ointment DERMATOLOGICAL *
hydroxocobalamin ANTIDOTES
hydroxychloroquine ANTIMALARIALS
hydroxyprogesterone caproate injection-MakenadrugId:2243 PA HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY
hydroxyprogesterone caproate injectiondrugId:759 PA HORMONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY
hydroxypropyl cellulose ophthalmic insertdrugId:2172 PA OPHTHALMIC PREPARATIONS
hydroxyurea; See Table 45drugId:760; See Table 57drugId:761 HEMATOLOGIC
hydroxyzine hydrochloridedrugId:6000 ANTIHISTAMINES
hydroxyzine pamoatedrugId:762 ANTIHISTAMINES #
hylan G-F20-Synvisc-OnedrugId:4811 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
hylan G-F20-SynviscdrugId:4810 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
Hylenex (hyaluronidase, human recombinant) ENZYMES
Hymovis (hyaluronate modified)drugId:5500 - Non-Drug Product PA NON-DRUG PRODUCT
Hyperhep B (hepatitis B immune globulin IM, human-Hyperhep B)drugId:706 BIOLOGICAL
Hyperrab (rabies immune globulin IM, human-Hyperrab)drugId:1625 BIOLOGICAL
Hyperrho (rho(d) immune globulin IM, human-Hyperrho)drugId:1647 BIOLOGICAL
Hyper-Sal (sodium chloride 3.5%, 7% for inhalation) - Non-Drug Product NON-DRUG PRODUCT
Hypertet (tetanus immune globulin IM, human)drugId:1687 BIOLOGICAL
Hyqvia (immune globulin subcutaneous injection, human / hyaluronidase human recombinant)drugId:4626 PA BIOLOGICAL
Hysingla ER (hydrocodone extended-release tablet)drugId:4772 PA OPIOID ANALGESICS
HyzaardrugId:1104 (losartan / hydrochlorothiazide)drugId:1104 CARDIOVASCULAR #

Note: Any drug that does not appear on the List requires prior authorization.

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